Aside from the weather, the people and the food, there’s another big reason I love living in Hawaii: On Sundays, we don’t have to wait around for the start of football. Back in my home state of Ohio, we would have wait all morning for the games to finally start at 1 p.m. Here, the first games kick off at 7 a.m., right after we wake up.

In years past, I’d go to the bar every Sunday morning to see my beloved Cleveland Browns play. (We are rarely lucky enough to be televised nationally.) However, this year some friends and I have decided to pool our resources and invest in NFL Sunday Ticket. If you decide to do the same, or if your team gets televised regularly, here are some ways you can prepare your home for the best season of the year.


1. Designate an area. For us, it’s the living room. For some households, it might be the garage. Talk to the other members in your household to figure out what works best for everyone.

2. Hang the TV so it’s “just right.”The optimal TV height is eye level with the center of the screen, while you’re seated. But chances are you and your household members won’t always be seated. What about when your kids are lying on the floor, or when you’re standing in the kitchen? Adjustable TV mounts solve this problem. Not only do they allow you to swivel the TV in the right direction, but they also allow you to move the TV up or down and tilt it back and forth. Make sure to use a sturdy mount and find the studs in your wall before proceeding.

3. Add power strips. If you and your friends are anything like me and mine, you cheer just as much for your fantasy football team as you do for your actual team. Checking up on other games and fantasy stats requires the use of laptops or cell phones. The only problem is that doing this also drains batteries fast. Having power strips at the ready lets you and your guests stay up to date without worrying about losing precious battery life.

4. Bring in the fans. Friends and family will gather to cheer for the game, and extra bodies will emit extra body heat. Cool things down by installing a ceiling fan or adding standing fans to the room.


Millions of football fans will gather today and throughout the season to honor the American ritual of taking in the game. Thinking ahead will allow you to enjoy the time without interruption.

Go Browns.

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