Island Pacific Energy is hosting an open house this Saturday, Sept. 7, from 9 to 11 a.m. for a chance to preview the company’s newest product emPower, a fully functional independent power system.


Ideal for any home or small business, em-Power is a complete power management system with the ability to store and supply energy when grid power is not available. “It gives you true power independence,” said Joseph Saturnia, president of Island Pacific Energy. “At any given time, you can decide how much energy to use and how much to store.”

Such control is of particular interest in Hawaii, where heavy rainfall and natural disasters can often cause power outages. “As with any place, losing power can cause much headache for the household,” said Saturnia. “With the emPower device, even though the neighborhood’s power goes out, your specific building is not affected.”

As more markets adopt similar energy conservation methods, specialists expect an increase in products like emPower, which can provide up to 17,600 watts of continuous power. “This is where the industry is going,” explained Saturnia. “Soon enough services like emPower will be at a reasonable enough price point that homeowners and business owners will be motivated to invest in such a reliable power system, freeing them of utility costs.”

With an appearance similar to that of an air conditioner, the emPower sits on the side of a home and is virtually silent. Modular as well as expandable, the unit is completely customizable. “You can buy as much power as you want,” said Saturnia. “Whether you want to sustain power for two hours, two days or two years, we can configure the emPower to exactly what you need.”


The cost of emPower depends entirely on the amount and duration of energy a homeowner desires to use. For an entry-level unit, emPower starts at $9,995. Additionally, when installed with a photovoltaic (PV) system, the emPower system may also qualify for a federal tax credit. “Essentially, this device renders your electric bill obsolete,” said Saturnia.

Although the emPower unit does not require a PV system to function, the two products are synergistic. “Ideally, you want your PV system to generate power during the day, which the emPower modulates and stores for use at night or when energy is required,” said Saturnia. “The emPower can harvest and utilize energy even when the PV system is down.”

The first of its kind, emPower comes after two years of research by Island Pacific Energy. As one of the leaders in photovoltaic systems, the diversified company also promotes the use of a variety of renewable energy services.


To RSVP for the open house or for more information, call 377-4570.

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Photos courtesy of Island Pacific Energy