Soft wash for a strong roof

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September 8, 2013

If your roof appears to be dirty or old, it may actually be infested with mold, mildew and bacteria. Let the professionals at Envirowash Hawaii LLC help you turn back the hands of time by utilizing its complete roof and exterior restoration and cleaning process.

Envirowash believes that your roof is questionably the most important aspect of your home. Keeping the weather on the outside of the house is only a portion of the role a roof plays.

Did you know that your roof is designed to reflect UV rays and the heat from the sun? Just like a car, the darker the roof color, the more heat it attracts. A darker roof can raise the temperature in your attic to as much as 140 degrees, baking the roof system and wreaking havoc on home-cooling costs.



The excess heat in the attic also traps the heat in the back of petroleum-based roofing materials, which have no heat protection and cause them to either melt or become fragile and crack. Either way, this problem causes as much as 50 percent of premature failure to the roof’s rated service life and could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.

Look at the roofs in your neighborhood and notice that colors change from under the overhangs. Past the overhangs, the color change is often dramatic. Many homes will look as if the roof is black, dark green or has black striping. These roofs are, in fact, infested. The colors are the results of a very aggressive bacteria called Gleocapsa magma. It is known to feed on limestone used in shingles. This aggressive bacteria burrows its roots down into the shingle and begins to decompose it, creating cracks and fissures. The waste produced then creates different acids that will further break down construction materials, creating a conducive environment for other destructive molds, mildews, algae and lichens to move into.

The good news is these rooftop menaces can be safely removed without the use of a pressure washer, which ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers Association) states should never be used on roofing materials.

Envirowash Hawaii LLC takes pride in being the only SoftWash Systems-certified cleaner in Hawaii. Soft washing is a cleaning system that utilizes advanced biodegradable surfactants along with an algaecide to kill off living organisms. The soft wash mix eliminates pests by displacing the oxygen in their environment, causing them to die off within minutes. The roots then release themselves from the roof surface, allowing Envirowash to wash them off with as little pressure as an everyday garden hose. This is a great alternative to pressure washing, which merely snaps them in half and leaves the roots and colonies to grow back thicker and healthier within six months.



Envirowash Hawaii LLC guarantees your roof to stay mold-free for up to two years or the company will clean it again at no extra cost. Cleanings typically last three to five years.

If you are considering adding solar panels, have a professional roof inspection done first. If it is determined that your roof has several years left, have it cleaned. The company’s soft wash services include: residential and commercial roof cleaning; gutter cleaning; house and building washing; and cleaning of all flat surface materials, walls, fences, windows and solar panels.

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