With the more than 300 solar contractors doing business in Hawaii now, it can be daunting to figure out who to trust with your family’s photovoltaic (PV) energy needs. Which team should you sign with? The pros at Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) offer these five all-star tips everyone should consider:

1. Choose a PV contractor with a lot of practice and a long track record. AEI has been a Hawaiian Electric participating contractor since 1993. That’s 20 years of experience with HECO and two decades of integration with its policies and systems as the solar energy industry continues to grow and change for the better.

2. Make sure your PV contractor has a “deep bench.” Find out what kind of back-office support, or “deep bench,” you’ll be getting. AEI’s administrative team has the experience and know-how to get all necessary permits and HECO applications processed efficiently. Customers can rest assured that AEI’s procedural systems are smooth and seamless, with no fumbles or unnecessary delays.


3. Check your PV contractor’s stats and response time. City & County inspectors are busier than ever. That’s why AEI is proud to have the state’s highest PV permit closing ratio. Thanks to a streamlined permitting process that makes things easier for those hardworking inspectors, more AEI customers are getting jobs completed and net metering agreements finalized, putting money into their pockets faster. Other contractors may not efficiently process all the jobs they’ve opened, creating an unnecessary backlog for the customer.

4. Test your PV contractor’s powerhouse. Determine the strength of their in-house power pros, that is. AEI boasts the state’s finest in-house electrical engineering design team. Their job is to thoroughly analyze and design your job with all the specifications necessary to build the most efficient, most aesthetically pleasing system for you — prior to installation. Other PV providers use electrical subcontractors who may not see the big picture.

5. Trust your gut. There comes a point when you just have to go with what you know. Which contractor has taken the time to get to know you and explain things thoroughly without pressuring you to sign? Which team has demonstrated that winning combination of knowledge, experience, quality and service? When you find that, you’ve found your PV contractor.

Alternate Energy is located at 803 Ahua St. in Honolulu. Call 842-5853 (Oahu) or 872-9592 (Maui), and visit www.alternateenergyhawaii.com.

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