With more than 30 years in contracting, Jim Vecchio went about installing solar on his Hawaii Island home the same way he would in his daily work as a contractor. He researched the technology and which firms offered the highest-quality components, got bids, compared costs and then went with the best company. Upon choosing RevoluSun, Vecchio was highly impressed with the company’s installation and quality products — and his resulting $22 electric bill. It was then that he became a RevoluSunary.

“I started out as a satisfied customer, walking around like a proud peacock with the best solar on the block, and then I started referring people,” Vecchio recalled, which is easy to do in his line of work as a project manager for a contracting company. “I’m always talking to people about their homes, and I ended up pre-selling many solar PV systems for RevoluSun, so they asked me to join the company.”



Vecchio, who works on the west coast of Hawaii Island, said the financing packages available now that weren’t available a year ago make solar accessible for almost any homeowner. “It’s a win-win,” he said. “The homeowner saves money, benefits the planet, and I get to meet like-minded people while improving my income and doing something I truly believe in.”

As a Punahou School teacher, John Cheever created a senior-level economics course that focused heavily on sustainability, renewable energy policy and community service. Concurrently, he played soccer on a men’s league where he met the RevoluSun partners. After seeing RevoluSun quickly become the leading solar company in Hawaii and witnessing respected colleagues join the team, he knew that when it came time to call a solar company for his home, RevoluSun was the call to make.


After becoming a satisfied customer, Cheever joined RevoluSun as a renewable energy developer, handling commercial photovoltaics projects for businesses, landowners and non-profits such as schools, churches and social service organizations. Cheever also assists with the educational component of RevoluSun’s Project Empower community outreach program.


“We’ve put together an engaging, hands-on and informative curriculum for students,” he said. “We’ve been to public and private schools, sharing our knowledge and getting kids excited about taking charge of Hawaii’s renewable energy future.”

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