In today’s world there are many incentives for homeowners to select energy-efficient products when upgrading, renovating or remodeling their home. We all know that installing PV on your home can provide the homeowner with substantial tax credits. Many homeowners who install PV also consider the need for upgrading their existing roofing system. There are many options for a homeowner to maximize their tax credits by choosing an energy efficient roofing system in addition to their PV installation.

The American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012 (Title IV “Energy Tax Extenders”) extends the tax credit for energy efficient retrofits to existing homes through Dec. 31. This allows homeowners to claim 10 percent of the cost of qualified energy efficient building materials, up to $500. It is important for homeowners to consider that this credit only applies to the cost of the roofing materials. Homeowners will see savings through their home’s electricity bill, as energy-efficient roofing systems actually reduce cooling costs by lowering your roof’s temperature thus reducing the temperature in your home and minimizing the need for cranking that AC up.



In order to meet the demands of the energy-efficient revolution, CertainTeed, a well-established roofing materials manufacturer, provides numerous roofing options and colors for homeowners to choose from. Some of CertainTeed’s cool roofing products include: Landmark Solaris™ Series (all colors), Presidential Solaris™ (all colors), Landmark PRO (Silver Birch) and Landmark™(Silver Birch and Mist White).

A light-colored roof doesn’t match your house? We got you covered with CertainTeed’s Solaris™ product series. According to CertainTeed, though light-colored surfaces traditionally have higher reflectance than dark surfaces, Solaris comes in an array of colors including tans, dark browns, light reds and light to dark gray.

Once your energy-efficient roofing system is installed, Surface Shield will provide you with a manufacturer’s certification statement validating the material used on your home. You can use this statement to file with your taxes and obtain your tax credits.


Surface Shield is one of Hawaii’s Top 10 roofing companies, according to the recent 2012 BIA Top 10 Roofers. Surface Shield also holds many roofing accolades, which allows us to offer the homeowner with the option for additional manufacturer’s material protection.


In addition to being a full-service roofing company, Surface Shield has extended its service to include PV installation. This provides homeowners with the opportunity to use one contractor for their energy-efficient upgrades. Surface Shield is truly a one-stop shop from the installation of a new energy-efficient roofing system to PV installation; it is a seamless process, from start to finish where the homeowner only has to schedule with one company saving valuable time and hassle.

Go green and buy local. Call Surface Shield today for your free estimate at 497-2416. Together let’s create a more sustainable island and future for our keiki.

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