Lanai and Augie are two local comedians who love to make people laugh. But both can agree that high electric prices are no joke. That’s why the celebrity duo has teamed up with Shaka Solar to promote, “Electricity for less when you shaka with the best!”

Shaka Solar, backed by an expert electrical team with more than 20 years of experience and an installation team with more than 10 years solar experience, is here to offer Hawaii residents the most affordable options for going green with photovoltaic (PV) solar.



“Yes, we realize that there are a lot of solar companies out there that offer similar products. However, for many Hawaii residents, the out-of-pocket expense is often a challenge,” said Lanai. “What we are promoting with Shaka Solar is PV solar at affordable prices, and that’s what attracted Augie and I to collaborate with Shaka Solar. We want to help the local people go green with the most cost effective options out there.”

Shaka Solar is locally owned and operated and home to the Shaka Solar PV Guarantee. If you find a better advertised price matched with value, Shaka Solar will beat it.

“It’s all about getting the best price matched with the best value,” said Shaka Solar’s Randall Koide. “We are providing top name-brand panels direct to Hawaii’s homeowners at affordable prices. Our systems are priced with the local ohana in mind.”


For a limited time, Shaka Solar is offering a $777-per-panel special. “These are for high quality panels, not the cheap stuff,” chuckled Lanai. Don’t let Shaka Solar’s low prices fool you. These are top-notch, high-quality PV solar systems backed by 25-year performance warranties.


Shaka Solar also offers 0 percent financing for your PV solar system purchase, which gives you more than enough time to get your 35 percent state tax credit and 30 percent federal tax credit. And $0 down options are available with low fixed energy rates locked for 25 years, so there is no need to worry about rising energy costs.

Shaka Solar also is introducing the “Lei-A-Way” solar financing program, which gives you the benefit of no-money-down options and the advantage of receiving tax credits.


Call Shaka Solar to book your free estimate today. A friendly Shaka Solar sales consultant will be available to help you go green with PV solar the affordable “shaka” way.

“Who knows, it may be myself or Augie that might just show up at your door,” said Lanai with a smile.

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