Rise and shine with new home decor ideas

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: DecorDesign
September 15, 2013


If the first thing you see is a bedroom that needs some improvement, your day might not go as planned. If you’re suffering from the bedroom blues, why not reinvent the space? You don’t have to buy new to get a whole new look.

Look to the accessories around the room that might need a bit of improvement or pizzazz. Lamps, frames and vases can be easily updated from bland to beautiful with a quick spray of paint to coordinate with the rest of your room’s new color scheme.

Finally, add a bit of cheer by filling your newly painted vase full of fresh cut flowers on the night stand. For an ultra-relaxing vibe, add lavender to the mix, as the scent soothes and comforts while you drift off into dreamland.

Your bedroom should be your haven. By rising to the occasion and incorporating some small spray paint updates, you can kick back and enjoy.

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