People love the look of natural wood throughout the home. From kitchen cabinets to hardwood flooring to natural cedar shake roofs, wood appeals to almost every homeowner. What doesn’t appeal to people are the inherent problems of having real wood products, such as rotting and decaying of wood, insect infestations, warping and high-maintenance needs.

To combat the challenges of real wood, many manufacturers have introduced faux wood products, including laminate flooring and furnishings for the home.


“There are authentic-looking alternative wood products in the marketplace that you’d swear are real wood, but they’re not — they actually have features that beat many wood products,” said Mark Clement, co-host of “MyFixitUpLife” national home improvement radio show. “Those alternative products are made to mimic the look of wood but they’re made with advanced man-made materials that are easier to maintain and provide years of hassle-free enjoyment.”


For the exterior of the home, where products take a beating from everyday weather conditions plus extreme storms, Clement recommended looking at wood-grain urethane and PVC products when replacing shutters, louvers, non-structural beams, millwork and trim on a house. “I’ve installed PVC door trim and decorative mill-work from Fypon, and you simply can’t tell the difference from real wood,” said Clement. “Except that I’ve done my research, so I know these woodgrain products resist moisture, insect infestations, cracking and splitting. Plus, each piece comes pre-primed, making it easy to stain or paint the product. They’re definitely a cost-effective alternative to real wood pieces.”

One of the most vulnerable areas of a home’s exterior is the roof, which is subjected to everything from hail storms to intense daily sun exposure. While many homeowners love the look of real wood shakes on their roof, Clement advised people to look at polymer roofing tile options.


“There’s a new product in the market called Bellaforte Shake roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes,” said Clement. “These are incredibly realistic-looking cedar wood shakes, yet they entirely outperform real wood shakes.

“These roofing tiles resist fire, insects, hail and severe weather conditions and they’re backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Most importantly, these advanced polymer roofing tiles look exactly like hand-split cedar shakes. They’re available in 49 colors and five color blends, which won’t fade or discolor, so homeowners can truly get the roof they want.”

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This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.