An important part of any kitchen or bath remodel is taking measurements and drawing a visual map. Measuring the existing cabinets will give you sizes for replacement cabinets.


The first step is to measure the walls of where the new cabinets will be placed. The best way to measure a wall is from one corner to the opposite end. It is always helpful to have someone else hold one end of the measuring tape when measuring large areas.



Next, measure the ceiling height, starting from the floor. Measuring the ceiling height will determine the general height of the wall cabinets for proper counter space. When taking measurements, sometimes there are spaces that will make taking accurate measurements difficult. In these situations, it is better to round down to the nearest inch rather than round up. Cabinets for a kitchen design with measurements rounded down will be sure to fit; the extra space can always be hidden with a filler piece. Whereas when rounded up, a whole cabinet may have to be changed to a smaller size to fit.

Openings and obstacles

It is important to jot down all openings or obstacles, such as windows, doorways or ceiling beams. Measure the placement of the obstacle from one end of the wall and the sizes (width and height) of the obstacle.


Plan on keeping the existing appliances? Take measurements of their sizes to ensure the cabinet design will allow space for them to fit. Similarly, when getting new appliances along with new cabinets, take note of the new sizes.


With existing or replacing appliances, measure their placement from one end of the wall to one side of the existing appliance. If the plan is to relocate appliances to a different area, however, make a note of where.


Sinks and plumbing fixtures

Measuring from the center of the sink to one wall will give a reasonably accurate idea of the existing plumbing and which cabinet sizes may work. Also, take the measurements of the existing sink or new sink so the sink cabinet size will be able to fit the sink. Although plumbing can always be moved, using the existing setup is most cost effective.

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