The “design build contractor” is the latest buzz phrase in the home improvement industry. The term generally means a firm that handles a home improvement project from its inception, taking into account the design, permit processing and construction. The advantage is that it is essentially a one-stop shop format for all your building needs. This term has been thrown around rather loosely. A true design build contractor takes on the full responsibility of a project including its completion, based on the approved designs, specifications and general conditions that make up the whole construction contract.


When changes occur after a construction contract has been agreed upon due to unaccounted design items that come up, differences in so-called design build contractors arise. This is where unsuspecting homeowners are issued a change order for the additional work. A lot of times this means additional charges on top of the original contract price. These hidden charges can be inflated to make up for the low cost included in the initial construction contract. Most homeowners end up biting the bullet and giving into the additional charges, being held hostage to having their project completed.

Atlas Construction is a true design build firm: Should any instances arise that would cause substantial additional changes and costs to the project within the approved construction contract, the design build contractor must take responsibility.


Atlas construction will document the change order for the homeowners’ approval and perform the work at no additional charge. This is why the time spent during the design phase is well-used to account for all the details that go into a home improvement project. The only change orders that should occur are if a homeowner initiates the changes during the course of construction. The company believes that when a project is done correctly, there should be no change orders attached to it.

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