The most common windows in Hawaii homes today are Jalousies. This trend has been around since the ’50s in Hawaii because the window style suits our year-round beautiful weather and constant trade winds. Only in Hawaii is the weather so great. However, many developments have been made in the window industry around the world and in Hawaii, and there are a number of reasons to upgrade your home with better windows.

Reason No. 1

If you can remember, there was a time in Hawaii not so long ago when we didn’t have to lock our doors or windows. But today the world has changed and home burglaries have become out of control. Locking doors and windows is now mandatory. The real problem is with jalousies: Even when they are closed, there is not much security. Last year the Olomana area of Kailua experienced 60-plus burglaries alone. The main reason was nine out of 10 homes had jalousie windows. They are just too easy to break into.


Here’s the solution: Change those old jalousies with Simonton Lifetime windows. Just order our impact-resistance security package and know you have the best security available in Hawaii. Simonton windows are rated No. 1 by J.D. Power and Associates because they are the best in customer satisfaction as well as builder satisfaction. That’s security.


Reason No. 2

The trade winds and salt air that come with the trades cause wood rot, paint erosion and damage to drywall products. Nothing is worse than looking at ugly, beat-up windows. And if we really think about it, we live in Hawaii, so we spend a lot of time looking out our windows enjoying the natural island beauty, so it’s preferable not to look at old, shabby windows.

Here’s the solution: Fix those tired old windows with Simonton Lifetime windows. Order our special finish and trim package and we will fix those windows and make them look beautiful forever. With seven different custom patterns and nine decorative finishes, you’ll always enjoy your windows and our beautiful island view.

Reason No. 3


Homeowners think that the best windows, like Simonton Windows, will cost too much or be too fancy for an older home. Or homeowners hear about friends who have installed windows, but got “a bum job” from a fly-by-night company.

Here’s the solution: Call Tropical Wholesale, a local family-owned-and-operated company that has been around for 30 years. When you call Tropical, you won’t get a salesman. You’ll get someone who will treat you like a family member pricing your job. This means no sales commissions, no sales talk, no high pressure or Mainland sales techniques — just local people serving local people giving the best job, products and prices in Hawaii. The company has thousands of customers to prove it. Plus, Tropical is the Hawaii-approved contractor for Costco and Sam’s Club, so members should call and ask about their programs.

When it’s time to change your windows, call Tropical Wholesale. The company has it all: Energy Star windows, security windows and the latest in easy-to-clean window packages and designs. Tropical does the job right because its motto is, “No sense you do the job unless you do it Right.”

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