It’s back-to-school time for our keiki. You can join them by going back to school too — not for the 3Rs but for a little science lesson in nanotechnology from Harald von Sydow, the Director of Nano Tek-On. An excellent teacher, Harald easily explains why we, in Hawaii, have white spots on our shower doors; why our shower heads and faucets produce slower water streams than the water pressure they had just a few years ago; why our hot-water heaters seem to fail way before their expected life spans; why dishwashers aren’t getting the dishes clean anymore; and why all your water-using appliances, including spas, are just not working up to par.


In lesson one, Harald von Sydow explains about calcium deposits and lime scale. Simply put, these are the minerals that collect in the plumbing system in your home. The minerals come from the water that goes through the pipes. They stick to the sides of the plumbing, building up and up, making the space for water to flow smaller and smaller until the water flows slower and slower. These calcium deposits and lime scale are also building up inside your appliances, decreasing their performance. While this is happening, you are using (and wasting) much more water than usual, and your water bill is climbing. If you don’t do something about it, eventually you will need a complete overhaul of your plumbing system.


In lesson two, Harold von Sydow will explain how the science of nanotechnology can stop this process from continuing. He’ll demonstrate how a little unit called HydroFlow can break up existing lime scale and stop lime scale- and calcium-buildup.

Once a HydroFlow unit is installed on your plumbing, it goes to work to rid the pipes of corrosion and lime scale. Nano Tek-On installs HydroFlow to the outside of your plumbing. There is absolutely no cutting of pipes. The unit is silent, doesn’t change the taste of your water, has no harmful side effects and is environmentally safe.


The pros at Nano Tek-On have been educating property managers, homeowners and even major resorts throughout Hawaii about this little miracle of science. The best part, there isn’t much of a learning curve to lower your water bill, extend the life of your appliances and preserve the plumbing.


To learn more about how to get an A+ in 21st century science, call 395-2996 or visit Nano Tek-On specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-cleaning surfaces. Nano Tek-On, a local Oahu company, is the exclusive home of HydroFlow in Hawaii.

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