Have you ever visited a home of a colleague or friend, walked through the door and marveled at the pristine, stylish and modern feeling you got from the minute you crossed the threshold? Well, that’s luxury and the power of Westline Floors®.


With dozens of choices on the market today, factory-engineered hardwood flooring seems to be the wave of the future, offering more durability and stability versus solid hard-wood flooring, and a dramatic decrease in installation time. Many manufacturers offer a wide array of flooring, yet fail to factor fashion and the importance of aesthetic appeal into the ultimate equation.


That’s where Westline Floors comes in, offering the best of both worlds, high-end luxury fashion — and function with 5/8-inch thickness and 4-milimeter wear layer floors. In terms of durability, their Exotic Engineered line applies the toughest 10-coating (cured by UV and aluminum oxide for increased abrasion and scratch resistance) to its wood flooring. Highly versatile, these factory-finished boards can be floated, nailed or glued down, and even re-sanded or re-finished multiple times in the future, and come with an impressive 25-year residential warranty if professionally installed.

Because Westline Floors knows that renovating means so much more than just choosing a wood, grabbing some boards and slapping them down on a surface, the company is here to help you, ensuring that your investment in your home will be one that lasts for decades, bringing not only function, but warmth and beauty to your decor — even raising the value of your home.


Westline Floors connects homeowners with licensed flooring contractors who have many years of experience, are properly insured and are able to provide installation at a reasonable cost to all homeowners. “Instead of worrying about a long list of installation dos and don’ts, such as job site preparation, checking moisture conditions, figuring how to lay boards or the proper expansion gaps or transition pieces needed, let professionals deal with it,” said Westline Floors owner Sid.

Westline also offers stylish yet economical solid wood moldings. “Now there are solid wood choices over traditional laminate baseboards or high-density fiber board that homeowners can choose, without breaking the bank,” said Sid. To make your dream home a reality, Westline is offering “contractor pricing” throughout the summer with an additional $300 discount that can be applied towards solid moldings, solid baseboards or 5/8-inch engineered flooring purchases. Call Westline and ask about their “homeowners’ summer special” or visit Westline’s showroom for details.

contact // 888-0015
address // 1050 Queen St. Ste. 201