While carpet provides homeowners with a dependable, attractive and functional floor covering, the flooring option also fits in favorably amidst Hawaii’s unique island lifestyle.

And, as is the case with a host of other flooring products and styles, American Carpet One serves as Hawaii’s leading authority on carpeting and its expert installation. American Carpet One was the first to introduce Stainmaster to Hawaii in 1986, and became a Stainmaster Flooring Center — one of 200 nationwide. The distinction gives the company access to the exclusive products and services, as well as the Ultra Life Advantage, which affords customers an industry-leading warranty for carpet care.

“One of the best things about carpet for Hawaii is that it matches the way we live,” explained Danette Hoe, Sales Trainer at American Carpet One. “We’re very family-oriented, we often have quite a few guests in our house and carpet is really the most comfortable option. You don’t have to bring chairs for everyone, people tend to spread out, sit on the floor and watch football or movies — sharing the space in a much more comfortable way.”


Carpet is by nature soft and offers sound-dampening properties that stop noise from bouncing around a room, while keeping spaces insulated. Hoe adds that carpeting is easy to clean, and comes with a stellar warranty program through American Carpet One that protects the floor covering from spills and damage.

“People tend to be drawn to carpet due to its soft, luxurious feel,” Hoe said. “Carpet claims more than 50 percent of the flooring market, and in Hawaii that figure is a bit higher. We tend to gather as families and spread out on the floor, and a carpeted surface makes it much more comfortable.”


Wool is an ideal fabric for carpeting as an all-natural product, as well as a sustainable flooring option. Sheep are shorn every nine to 12 months making the material renewable, and wool is also biodegradable in that it breaks down in soil and produces nitrogen, sulfur, carbon dioxide and other nutrients that are not generated by discarded synthetic fibers.

For those worried about upkeep, wool eases anxiety as it naturally resists soil. The construction of wool fibers is similar to that of scales on a fish or roofing shingles in that they naturally overlap and inhibit dirt from adhering to the material, resulting in one of the most soil-resistant carpet options available.


Nylon is another popular residential carpeting option as the synthetic fiber features the best warranties on the market. Hoe explains that nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber available, making it well-suited for heavy foot traffic and general wear and tear over time.

“There are a lot of fun patterns out there if people are looking to specify an area,” said Hoe when describing custom carpet patterns used to define special rooms like “Man Caves,” craft rooms and even a child’s bedroom. The patterns and colors can be arranged in a way that truly customizes the look and feel of specific areas within a home.

Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of all installation jobs from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired flooring option. With a host of CFIs standing by to assist customers in fulfilling their flooring dreams and desires, American Carpet One meets the highest industry standards while providing the best installation quality and service available.

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