Your choice of clothes has a profound effect on your mood. Learn what your feng shui elemental personality is and start dressing up to feel your desired energy

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I know that feng shui is generally applied to the home, but I read somewhere that you can also use feng shui concepts when choosing what to wear. Can you give me some simple tips on how to apply this?


Yes, I can! Feng shui concepts can be used for much more than the home. One of the premises of feng shui is that what is closest to you impacts your physical and emotional health, and your clothing style is definitely impactful. When deciding what to wear, you can use knowledge about the elements and what they represent and match that to your “feng shui elemental personality.”

What is your “feng shui elemental personality”?

Water: Water types are quiet and more inner-oriented, considered deep feelers and thinkers, who contemplate before taking action, tending to enjoy environments that are off beat and remote.

Wood: Wood people are competitive, achievementand success-oriented go-getters, who enjoy going places filled with activity. They are talkative and like to ask questions and learn.

Fire: Fire personalities are pleasure-oriented trendsetters, who love to have a good time and are always up for more. They are bright, optimistic, encouraging and highly entertaining, bringing excitement to any group.

Earth: Earth people are caregivers and homebodies. They are stable, nurturing, loyal and supportive friends, who are all about being there for others. You go to them when your life is in chaos and you want some grounding.

Metal: Metal types are detail-oriented and precise. They require quality and refinement in everything they have and do and are drawn to upscale environments. Their pastimes are more cultivated.

As you were reading through this, you probably saw yourself in a few of the elements, rather than just one. That’s because everyone has a combination of elemental personality traits, with some showing up stronger than others.


What is your style of dress?

Water: Water people tend to wear darker tones, with abstract and wavy patterns in sheer and flowing fabrics. In feng shui, the color for water is black, which is why water people tend to wear darker colors.

Wood: Wood people are “sporty,” wearing items that are easy to move around in comfortably and made of natural fiber such as cotton. They prefer stripes, flowers or nature scenes. The “columnar” shape represents wood, so pants fit the wood personality well. The feng shui colors for wood are hues of green or blue, representing growth and movement.

Fire: Fire people are more dramatic. When they enter a room, attention is drawn to them, just as it is drawn to a fire. They wear things that are shiny, furry or fun and stand out. The feng shui colors for fire are red or purple. Wearing these colors or textures emphasizes the fire element.

Earth: Earth people are traditional, sticking to things that are tried and true, and basic. They resonate with yellow, brown and other earth tones, and boxy and square shapes, while their style is comfortable.

Metal: Metal people are refined and elegant, preferring clothing that is precise, fitted and purposeful. They love to wear wrinkle-free white or pastels and enjoy “dress up” clothing. Just as the metal element is shiny, dressing with the metal element in mind is more “polished.”

How do you use this to make your best impression?

Instead of wearing clothes that emphasize and support your natural feng shui elemental personality, try dressing in line with the element or personality that you would like to emphasize for the day.


For example, if you are being interviewed for a job and you want to give the impression that you are dependable, choose earth tones and a more traditional style of dress. If you want to show that you can go with the flow without resistance, then wear dark colors or something flowing. If you want to show that you are a multi-tasker who can “get the job done,” wear ‘wood’ energy in the form of pants in cotton or patterns that show movement.

How do you use this to feel better about yourself?

Use the elements as a guide to help yourself feel the energy of what your intent is. Clothes can drag your energy down or lift it up. Just think of how wearing certain clothes make you feel. If you are feeling tired, put on clothing associated with the fire element to give yourself an energy lift. Just as the surroundings in your home affect your state of mind, your clothing affects how you feel.

Using the elemental qualities to support your energy is similar to wearing a nice dress or suit that makes you feel “dressed up.” You act accordingly, bringing more balance to your life and helping you energetically portray and feel your desired energy.


Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happiness U, an educational establishment opening next month that offers dozens of classes on how to be happy in life, including Feng Shui 101, Clutter Clearing 101 and Positive Mindset 101. For more information, visit