Pacific Islands Solar believes that there are questions the consumer needs to be aware of in order to make an informed decision when considering solar energy.

Today, many companies offer various incentives to get consumers to call them, leading homeowners to believe they are getting a good deal. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and this trend stops the process of evaluating a system, which is so important in today’s solar environment. The inducements do not address the quality of the modules, construction methods, servicing of equipment or long-term service life of the equipment.


Pacific Island Solar believes the customer comes first and aims to provide the best equipment with the best installation. Consider the following prior to purchasing or leasing a PV System.

• The PV system will be installed on your roof. Good roofing practices need to be followed so the roof does not leak and the PV modules stay on your roof during high winds.

• Purchasing, leasing and Power Purchasing Agreements are three options to get solar energy. The latter two options contract you to an agreement of up to 20 years or longer, which may have some disadvantages. Purchasing also has its pitfalls if the wrong equipment is installed and problems occur. Pacific Islands Solar consultants can explain the pros and cons of each of these options.


• Few PV manufacturers are profitable, and as a result, more performance issues have come to light. Most solar contractors submit bids to consumers based on the lowest equipment cost they can get and are not concerned about future ramifications to the buyer. Pacific Islands Solar believes this is not right and cares about the customer’s future.


• As more manufacturers are going out of business or leaving the industry, warranties are becoming worthless. There will be only about a dozen PV module manufactures left after the dust clears with the current consolidation.

• Equipment warranties are written to protect the manufacturers and are not guarantees. Warranties exclude things like damage that occurs during shipping.


• Special offers being advertised can be misleading. The goal of advertising is to get you to buy a product, so beware that there always is something you need to know that might change your mind about what a great deal the special offer is.

Pacific Islands Solar is a part of Pacific Islands Construction, a general contractor, roofing contractor and solar contractor. The company advises you to make an informed solar decision.

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