As you all know, it has been one hot summer so far. Solar photovoltaic energy production has been tremendous, and if weather patterns continue, excellent production can be expected throughout the fall as well.

But how do you really know what your PV system is actually producing? Energy Pro Hawaii and Enphase Energy have the answers. From its first PV system to its last, Enphase has always been a part of Energy Pro Hawaii’s installations, and the company is very proud to announce Enphase’s new microinverter, the M250.


The M250 microinverter has now become one of the most powerful inverters on the market. Coupled with En-phase’s technology and track record, the M250 is the standard by which all microinverters are measured. The introduction of the M250 means that consumers will now be able to take full advantage of higher power panels, thus producing more power with fewer panels.

Enphase products have always produced optimum results, superior service and outstanding support. The Enlighten online monitoring system provides consumers with detailed information about the company’s energy production and can alert employees if a problem or situation occurs.

Energy Pro Hawaii has now begun installing the Enphase M250 and is pairing the M250 with LG’s new Mono X, 285-Watt panel. The results have been staggering. The local company has seen power increases of more than 20 percent over Enphase’s previous M215 systems. For consumers, this translates to more power using fewer panels.

To learn more about Enphase M250 and LG Mono X 285-Watt panels, call Energy Pro Hawaii at 596-2890 or visit its website at

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