When it comes to your home, safety and security are No. 1 priorities. Housed within those four walls are the ones you love the most in this world, as well as possessions holding true value and worth. Protect these prized treasures with top-quality products from Smartech. Locally owned and serving with aloha, Smartech is the brand that brings you peace of mind.


With a wide range of professional products, specifically designed with your safety in mind, Smartech is the solution for security. From basic alarm systems to the highest standard in state-of-the-art equipment, Smartech tailors each and every security system to the exact specifications and needs of every individual client, going the extra mile in making technical recommendations that will enhance the performance of your system and ultimately ensuring increased protection overall. And once the system is installed, 24-hour monitoring and maintenance is included and guaranteed via Smartech’s trustworthy, expert staff.


And with Smartech, it’s not just any installation, it’s impeccable installation. Backed by the professional team at Atlas Construction, voted No. 1 in Hawaii in consumer satisfaction, the installation of each and every Smartech system is absolutely guaranteed. Not only are team members focused on durability and quality, but they also pride themselves on being completely conscious of meeting the individual home and business owners’ desired outcome, from the quality of the product to the function it performs, right down to the aesthetic appeal and attractive look. Smartech takes the extra time to care, creating a security setup specifically designed and catered to every clients’ desires.

Cutting-edge imagery is also something that sets Smartech a cut above the competition. When the time comes to choose a security system, the consumer has to keep in mind how important the quality and clarity of the network’s camera equipment is to its overall efficiency and effectiveness in deterring theft.



Many competitor cameras, while catching a thief in the act on film, will emit an image that is grainy, inconclusive or blurry at best. Smartech systems solve this problem with their top quality cameras, equipped at even the most basic level model to capture crisp and clean images. From pinpointing a perpetrator’s identity via facial feature recognition, or honing in on exact numbers for a license plate match, these cameras boast the best in quality and precision, providing you with the peace of mind that you are leaving your home or office in good hands.

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