In times past, the biggest decision for any painter was which color to use. But thanks to steady technological advances, we now have the luxury of choosing paints that offer not just a near-limitless rainbow of hues, but also the exact appearance and performance qualities needed for virtually any interior paint job.

Let’s say that you have limited time to complete your project — maybe you can work only on the weekend. A self-priming paint (one that serves as both primer and paint) can hide even hard-to-conceal colors with fewer coats that normally required, enabling you to more quickly finish your project.



Are you a stickler for color? Then you’ll want to choose paint with good color retention — like a quality acrylic coating — or watch helplessly as your carefully selected shades fade into pastels as time passes.

Today’s paint manufacturers have anticipated all of these needs and more, and have formulated coatings to meet each and every challenge. Take time to consider your needs

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