Many consumers have questions about bathroom updates such as what is bathtub refinishing? What surfaces can be refinished? Can I change the color of my bathtub? Can my ceramic tile be refinished? What are the benefits of bathtub refinishing over replacing?

Basically, Al’s Bathtub Refinishing provides a durable, economical service to homeowners, hotel operators and apartment complexes, the refinishing of bathtubs, tile, countertops, sinks and vanities. All of these things can become scratched, dull or have outdated colors, yet still be structurally sound and working.


Refinishing a bathtub, also known as reglazing, takes only a few hours, and imparts a brand new surface on the original bathtub — without removal. The result is a bathtub that has a brand new, shiny, clean, durable, high-gloss surface in any color the customer chooses. Al’s Bathtub Refinishing allows the customers to design any style bathroom in any color scheme, without having to choose colors based on the original bathtub, sink or tile color. Ceramic tile can be repaired and resurfaced as well, allowing for complete bathroom color change in a matter of hours, without disrupting the walls, plumbing or electrical work inside of a bathroom. Bathtub refinishing can be performed on porcelain, fiber-glass, acrylic, ceramic tile and cultured marble.

Stone-flecks Imitation Stone finishes:

These finishes duplicate the look and feel of real stone. Al’s bathtub refinishing can refinish your countertops, tile, cultured marble and fiberglass with stone-flecks, one of the latest countertop refinishing innovations. This breakthrough product creates the sophisticated, realistic look of stone and granite on multiple surfaces.

Al’s bathtub refinishing only uses the best materials available on the market and the company never skips steps in the installation of its products. Every homeowner gets a five year warranty as well.


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