Elegant, planet-friendly bathrooms continue to be a hot trend in home building and renovation. As you can see on askthemoneycoach.com, there are lots of different ways you can create an eco-friendly bathroom that can also save you money so it’s definitely something worth looking into. Bath products that respect and celebrate water have become trendier and more satisfying, proving that homeowners don’t need to sacrifice comfort, beauty and luxury in order to do something good for the environment.

The secret to achieving a pleasing and environmentally friendly bathroom renovation is choosing the right combination of fixtures and accessories.



Life – and your morning – begins with water. So how do you create an environmentally friendly bathroom that is good for Mother Nature and your own lifestyle? Start with upscale eco-friendly fixtures that strike the perfect balance between high-end aesthetics, high-performance design and environmental stewardship. TOTO is the “coolest brand name” in the bathroom, said the influential real estate blog Zillow.com

TOTO product designs are distinctive but adaptable, so they work well with a wide range of styles and architectura expressions. The manufacturer’s elegant 11-inch Rain Showerhead uses a water-sipping 1.75 gallons per minute to deliver a luxurious shower experience and appreciable water savings. And its Keane Lavatory Faucet consumes just 1.5 gallons of water per minute, without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Visit www.totousa.com to learn more.

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