As the global leader in intelligent bathroom fixtures, TOTO has been committed to balancing beauty, performance and innovation in order to create the ultimate luxury-bath experience for more than 90 years. Award winning lavatories, faucets, shower sets, accessories, soaking tubs, Air Baths and toilets have pioneered a standard of excellence in the industry, and TOTO has truly revolutionized the notion of blending comfort and cleanliness.

With the belief that a product must exude exceptional quality and distinction beyond expectation for it to be defined as luxurious, TOTO has ingeniously designed an impeccably engineered and innovative Neorest Collection.

The Neorest suite is the result of technology bonding with design to form a sense of relaxation like no other. From the Air Bath and sensor-activated waterfall lavatory to the Neorest toilets, products of the Neorest suite are in tune with you. The Suite remembers the water temperature you prefer and how deep you like your bath — it even senses your approach and prepares accordingly for your arrival. Connecting human need with human desire has become a design philosophy for TOTO, and the restorative benefits of water are enhanced by innovation.


Imagine a toilet with a lid that lifts automatically when it senses your arrival, a seat that lifts at the simple touch of a button and a hands-free automatic flush. Just like distinguished European commodes, it can wash you just like a bidet — however, imagine being able to adjust the water temperature, water pressure, wand position and type of spray for maximum comfort. Imagine a built-in heated dryer that is sure to treat your backside more gently than any brand of toilet paper. What if your toilet had a built-in air purifying system to keep the rest of the family happy as well?


If all this sounds too good to be true, then you haven’t experienced Neorest. TOTO is the world leader in toilet design. The Neorest 500, 550, 550H and 600 are testaments to just that. In fact, referring to them as simply toilets is far too limiting. Incredible features will transform a tedious bathroom visit into a luxurious experience — light up the dark with a nightlight, download music into your control panel or enjoy the sounds of a babbling brook or a thunder storm.

Utilizing TOTO’s Cyclone flushing system, gravity and water are used for ultimate cleaning and optimum water conservation. The 550 and 550H models take water conservation one step further with dual-flush options, giving the user control over the amount of water used for each flush. The ultimate expression of modern design and superior performance, Neorest brings technology from the dark ages to the 21st century. A truly remarkable combination of ecology and luxury, Neorest offers endless convenience and function in a compact and sleek design. Transform your bath space into the ultimate spa experience.

The Bathroom Store is your local headquarters for all of your bathroom needs. Offering the highest quality products in the industry, The Bathroom Store has a full line of vanities, lavatories, faucets, tubs and accessories. Additionally, most products are stocked so there is no delay in installing your new purchases. For more information, call or visit the TOTO specialists at The Bathroom Store.

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