In the world of renovation, keeping up with current trends is key. Natural, warm, hardwood flooring is highly desired in today’s market, yet pairing the ability to obtain modern options while also balancing the budget can be challenging.



“Homes with hardwood flooring hold their value better than those without them, allowing homes to sell more quickly and at higher prices,” said Sid, owner of WESTLINE FLOORS®. Sid also reported local Realtors often calling and asking for hardwood flooring options for their clients — options that won’t break the bank.

WESTLINE FLOORS® understands this issue, and is structured around sales providing homeowners with the highest quality engineered hardwood floors at contractor’s pricing, making it “affordable luxury.” It also connects homeowners with flooring contractors who perform each installation. In a decade where factory-finished, engineered hard-wood flooring is constantly evolving and at the height of its popularity, Westline offers its “PARADISE” Exotics Product line, vastly improved and uncharacteristically affordable in today’s pricey market.

One major addition to engineered hardwood flooring has been the creation of Micro-bevel on factory finished floor boards, allowing more forgiveness for leveled floors and reducing installation time and cost to the consumer. Yet, while Micro-bevel on boards eliminates minor milling tolerances, unevenness, or “overwood” circumstances, and reduces installation costs, it still requires vacuum cleaning and doesn’t have the smooth, flat-edge feel that consumers desire.



WESTLINE FLOORS® took note of this and further reduced micro-bevel to the smallest, shallowest groove now known as “micron-bevel,” resulting in a closer feel to those time consuming and expensive job-site finished, flat-edge floors. WESTLINE FLOORS® now carries four exotic species in stock with this micron-bevel. Call Westline for an appointment to see the newest thing in exotic engineered hard-wood flooring in Hawaii.

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