In feng shui, water is a symbol for emotions. At home and elsewhere in our lives, a downpour of water-related issues can mean it’s time to dive within

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I have been having repeated plumbing issues recently. Besides calling the plumber, should I do or be aware of anything energetically? Also, I have been having many dreams where water is the theme. One time it was about visiting a waterfall; another time I was walking in the rain, and recently I was trying to cross a river. What does all this mean?

Inasmuch as I recently received many questions that had to do with water, including five questions about the reason for washing machines breaking down, I decided that a few different aspects of water would be my topic for this week. As an astrologer, I find these concerns a natural synchronicity as an emphasis on the water element, which is currently in the sky and will continue for many months. Half of our planets are traveling through water signs, and in both astrology and feng shui, water represents our emotions.

This is a time to pay attention to our emotions more than ever before. You may have noticed that other people’s emotional swings are more pronounced than usual. Drivers may have stronger emotional reactions on the road, or co-workers, family or friends may have increased emotional volatility.

If you personally feel more emotional than usual, take this as a sign to do things differently. Here are some suggestions to navigate this strong water energy.


• Pay attention to making sure your needs are met, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Take responsibility for yourself, making the time, spending the money or taking the necessary action.

• Feelings need to be expressed, not repressed, so give yourself permission to feel without censorship. Talk to someone you trust, setting up ground rules so that you can share your feelings without self-judgment or judgment by the other person.

• Make a decision to keep your life free of drama. Make choices that take you toward interaction with positive-minded people or make the time to spend with yourself, creating your own peace.

Water helps guide us

During strong water times like these, we get in touch with what is no longer working in our lives, as old and outdated structures start to feel limiting, unfulfilling relationships feel like a drain, the job you dislike feels heavier than ever, and any lack of purpose or direction in your life starts to feel unsettling. Let your feelings guide you in a new direction or toward a new outlook or a new way of navigating life. Consider your feelings your internal GPS. If you are frustrated or unhappy, heed your feelings, and don’t worry about making drastic changes.

Start with small steps. Sometimes all that is needed is a change in perspective. If you feel great, and life is going well, your feelings are probably commensurate.


Water issues in the home

When plumbing issues come up in a home (water), emotional issues are either being repressed or processed by you or those in the home. Besides calling a plumber to fix the physical problem, you can support those in the home emotionally by purchasing some new, inexpensive healthy indoor plants, placing them near the area of the plumbing issue or somewhere in the home where you will see them often. Plants represent wood energy; and because “water feeds wood” energetically, the water issue in your home symbolically has a place to go.


Inasmuch as water also represents wealth, prosperity and opportunity in feng shui, fixing even minor plumbing issues in a home as soon as possible is advisable. Leaky faucets and broken toilets symbolize the undesirable draining of finances and more.

Water-related dreams

Dreams, powerful sources of information having symbolic meaning, are like windows into our subconscious, allowing us to see the information that is flowing in or out of our minds, communicating feelings, thoughts, ideas and needs that are hidden when we are awake.

Water is one of the most common yet powerful dream symbols, generally associated with emotions and cleansing. Although many other representations of water are found in dream interpretation, such as the connection to mother, or spirituality, I’ve noticed that water-related dreams usually have something to do with some aspect of our emotions.

Dream interpretation is varied, covering the spectrum from psychoanalytic to spiritual. Over the years, people have often asked me to interpret their dreams, and while detail is important, the symbolism is more so.

Waterfalls in dreams usually relate to a great release of emotion and a need for rejuvenation and renewal, especially if you are viewing the waterfall from afar, rather than standing beneath one, which can represent overwhelm. Rain can represent an emotional turning point, and crossing rivers can be about overcoming obstacles and challenges.

Between the plumbing issues and your dreams, I am certain that you are dealing with some strong emotional issues, but it also looks as if you are on your way to a new path.


The questions about washing machines breaking were new for me, but I view it as a water-themed symbol, suggesting that how you spend your time and energy is due for a change! Aren’t we all, though?

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance LLC, a company committed to assisting people in living empowered lives. Visit for more.