Are you dissatisfied with work? Start feeling better about your job by creating a bit of clarity within yourself and your home

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I feel stuck in a job I don’t love. I know I should feel lucky that I even have a job, but it’s hard to feel positive about it. Do you have any advice for me, feng shui or otherwise?

If everyone loved his or her job, it wouldn’t be called “work.” Most of us “work” for a paycheck so that we can afford to “play,” or do what we love, when we are not working. But the goal is to find out how to get paid for doing what you love. A famous quote from Confucius says: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Many of my clients feel stuck in their jobs, but don’t dare leave because of the economy or other reasons. According to a research report by the Society for Human Resource Management, only 29 percent of working people between the ages of 31 and 61 reported being “very satisfied” with their jobs. The other 71 percent were either “somewhat satisfied” or not satisfied at all.

According to the report, the main contributing factors to dissatisfaction in the workplace were an imbalance between the worker’s interests and his or her duties, the work being either too demanding or not demanding enough, being burnt out, poor relationship with a co-worker or boss, inadequate compensation, lack of opportunity to use or hone skills,poor job flexibility, poor work-life balance or bad corporate culture.

Take the time to identify where you are


Many times I see clients who have not clarified their values or what is most important to them.Which of those factors applies to you? Sometimes when people dread their job, they haven’t taken the time to identify what really makes them happy or unhappy in their profession or where their talents or desires lie.

To prepare your mind and heart for a move to a happier work environment, think about how you’d like to use your abilities to make a difference, and then align your work with your higher purpose. Easier said than done, I know, but with intent and desire, it can be done!


Feng shui guidance

Feng shui has no quick fixes,but I can offer some feng shui guidance.

First, understand that feng shui is driven by a person’s ultimate intention. If you cannot determine what you really want, putting a fountain in the “career area” near the entrance of your home will not necessarily bring about changes in job opportunities. Why? It would be the same as giving a young child the keys to your car and expecting him or her to know how to drive it. The car works, but the child is not clear on what to do with it.

Second, be clear about what you want more of and what is not working for you at your current job. People often complain that no matter what they do they can find no other job or they can do nothing about their current challenging work situation. If you want to feel good, focus on things you can change. I like to guide my clients in the direction where change is more likely to happen.

It’s time to get clear

If you have been reading my column for a while,you probably understand by now that metaphors are the language of feng shui. In other words, if you are overwhelmed in life, look for the excess items in your home that may symbolically represent your situation. If you are burnt out, look around your home for all the electrical items that are burnt out.When you are lacking clarity, create more clear spaces within the home.

Be specific about what you really want


Use feng shui to change your job situation by first making sure you know exactly what you do not like about your current job and exactly what you want in a new one.Instead of focusing on how much you hate your current job or on the need to find another, focus on how it would feel in the job of your dreams. What inspires you? What is your ultimate goal beyond receiving adequate pay? Nothing around you will change until you change your outlook and achieve greater clarity.

Create clarity in your environment

Along with asking yourself these questions, create clarity in your environment by doing the following:

Clear your entrance. Inasmuch as the entrance symbolically represents opportunity and is considered the career area, tidy up shoes, straighten up the welcome mat, get rid of any dead plants, sweep away leaves and make it look as if it is ready for your most respected guests.

Clear off horizontal surfaces. Help mirror your clarity of purpose as you take steps to change your future by clearing off all table-tops, dressers, desks and counters to symbolize clear future horizons.

Clear up old business. Unfinished business keeps you tied to the past, unable to move forward. Do you owe someone an apology or a thank you note? Do you have a project that you keep meaning to do but haven’t gotten to? Either abandon it completely (instead of letting it drain your mental energy) or schedule the time to finish it and get it out of the way.

A bad job situation can really drain your energy,but having a vision beyond today is the key to surviving it.You don’t need to figure out a way to love the job you are stuck with. Just be clear on the present situation and the desired feeling of your future situation.


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