Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI) is excited to announce the return of Discount Solar Co., a division of AEI. It’s a new, extremely affordable solar PV option from one of Hawaii’s oldest and most trusted solar companies.

Discount Solar Co. was established in 1993 by the founders of AEI to provide homeowners with superior solar water heating systems at a reasonable price. Now, the company has been reborn to offer price-conscious homeowners the ability to purchase quality, brand-name PV systems at a moderate price point — expertly installed by AEI’s highly trained technicians.

“With our state’s record-high electricity rates and year-round sunshine, generating power from the sun is a perfect energy solution for Hawaii,” said Bruce Ekimura, president and founder. “Today with Discount Solar, we are proud to be able to make PV ownership a reality for even more businesses and homeowners than ever before.”



The lure of a bargain can be a major factor when considering solar for your home, but Ekimura cautions customers on “going cheap” with untested panel manufacturers or fly-by-night installers.

Discount Solar Co. features solar panels from trusted, well-established and diversified manufacturers like LG and Hyundai. These are companies that are known for producing reliable solar electronics products at an affordable price point, yet they are not associated with the questionable-quality products that the industry has seen coming out of China and other similar regions.

For instance, with more than 50 years of experience as a global pioneer in electronics technology, LG Electronics is backed by 25 years of intense research and development far surpassing industry standards. World-renowned partners supply all of the materials for LG Electronic modules, and LG applies rigid standards to material procurement, solely targeting products that have undergone previous technical analysis, laboratory tests and field tests. Panels are uniquely designed to offer the quality, field-tested performance, durability and reliability customers the world over have come to expect from LG. In fact, its warranty program includes a 10-year product warranty and a linear performance warranty that guarantees a minimum power output of 80.2 percent after 25 years.

Discount Solar Co. is housed in AEI’s new, expansive headquarters in Mapunapuna, sharing overhead, technical crews and customer service to keep costs down while quality remains high. The large, secure space allows the company to house plenty of inventory, too, which means it can purchase in bulk and pass that savings along to customers as well.


Combined with the terrific financing packages available from many local lenders these days, Discount Solar Co. customers can actually own their own PV system while paying even less per month than they were paying to the electric company.

Discount Solar customers say they appreciate being able to pair affordable products with the unmatched customer service and installation expertise Hawaii has come to expect from AEI — a great solar energy solution at an attractive price point.


Ekimura said he knew there was a niche for a PV provider like Discount Solar, but even he was surprised at the immediate success of the company. “We re-launched Discount Solar Co. just a few months ago, and already we’ve seen a huge demand from a broader customer base than ever before,” Ekimura said. “It’s gratifying to be able to help so many more families make their dreams of owning a solar system come true.”

Celebrate the return of Discount Solar Co. with a free solar consultation. Call 369-8150 or visit The company offers quality, affordable photovoltaic systems and expert installations backed by the AEI guarantee.

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Photos courtesy of Discount Solar Co.