Hawaii’s smart energy solution, Akamai Energy, continues to make the task of buying solar simple and affordable. The company features the widest selection of solar panels and system packages at the most affordable pricing in Hawaii, so there is no reason to shop around.

According to managing director Richie Aqui, “We feature the best selection of panels including the No. 1 American-made panel from Solar World, the top brands from Japan like Panasonic and Kyocera and the absolute best Korean-made panels from LG, Samsung and Global Leader S-Energy.”


According to sales manager Manny Icban, “We are proud of our quality of products and take pride in our installations. Our affordable pricing is an added bonus for our customers.


The strong partnership of Akamai Energy and Schock Electric provides customers peace of mind with Supervisor Electrician Scott Lange bringing more than 28 years of electrical experience to your home’s photovoltaic installation so you can be assured that your system will be serviced and maintained for years to come. In addition, the installation team brings more than 10 years of experience in the solar, roofing and construction industry.

“We install your system as we would on our own home,” said Aqui. “Solar offers the absolute best return on investment, and with $0 down financing options available and the aggressive federal and state tax credits, now is the perfect time to get a PV system on your home. Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate. We are locally owned and operated and understand the needs of the people of Hawaii.”


Akamai Energy is in the midst of its Summer Solar Sale-A-Bration and is proud to announce THE TITAN solar energy system. Fully equipped with solar panels and micro-inverters up to 300 watts, it is no wonder why this product is boasted as the most powerful solar energy system on the planet. THE TITAN features salt mist- and corrosion-resistant panel technology and is hail impact- and hurricane-tested. And with the summer heat at an all time high, THE TITAN is definitely the only solar system with enough thirst to soak up the Hawaiian sun.

Call Akamai Energy today and experience why so many residents have chosen to purchase their system from one of Hawaii’s most popular and fastest growing photo-voltaic solar companies. When it comes to price and value, Akamai Energy is the one call you need to make!

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