When it comes to simple, low-cost home improvements that can add value and completely change the look of a room, you just can’t beat painting. Tackle the job yourself, rather than hiring a professional painter, and you can save even more money.

Follow these three guidelines and you can achieve professional-looking results with your own hands:

Pick the right paint

The quality of the paint you choose will directly affect how good the job looks when you’re done. For a good quality finish it is important to select quality paint, which adheres better, gives a uniform finish and will last longer.


Use the right tools


Many professionals use paint sprayers to achieve smooth, fast results. Now homeowners can achieve professional results. Two new sprayers, the Flexio 570 and Flexio 590 from Wagner, are designed to help DIYers achieve the same speed and good looks as the professionals do.

Pay attention to the details

Details such as painting baseboards, woodwork and ceilings are the crowning touch on any paint job.

With the right tools and professional approach, you can enjoy the pride and satisfaction of a job well done.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.