This is the first of a two-part series.


In Hawaii, ohana means family. And many times, multiple generations of one family live together under the same roof. That is the case with Robb Taone who, along with his wife and son, has been living with his wife’s parents for the past 15 years.


About a year and a half ago, the Taones decided that the single-story home in Manoa they shared was lacking privacy for everyone. Together, the family decided to add a second level master suite. After talking to friends and family and doing some research on his own, Taone attended Graham Builders’ free monthly seminar and selected the design+build company for his home project.

“Graham Builders’ seminar gave me a real-life look at the entire process of home building,” said Taone. “The company had a family-like feeling and their sincerity seemed to be genuine. We selected Graham Builders because the company met our needs in terms of questions and no-pressure selling. Graham Builders had a unique way of making us feel at home and had our best interest in mind. It also helped that they did not discount any of our questions no matter how silly we thought they were.”

Once signed on, the original plan to build a master suite on a second level to the existing home changed to a much larger-scale project. Taone’s father-in-law decided that the house was past its prime and should be replaced entirely. He also contacted his other daughter and asked if she would like to move back home with her husband and daughter. With them onboard, Graham Builders was tasked with building a new home that would provide enough living space but also allowed for privacy for three separate families.


“This is a great example of multi-generational families pooling their financial resources together for a common goal,” said Evan Fujimoto, Graham Builders president. “While we are building one house, the new house is designed with personal space in mind. There will be shared spaces as well as segregated living areas that are tailored to each family’s unique needs.”

The new two-story house will have a total of 3,218 square feet of living area and lanai. There will be five bedrooms, five bathrooms (one of which has accessible features), one full kitchen, a wet bar, three living rooms, a carport and large driveway, and a fenced in courtyard. Green elements that save money include energy-efficient lighting, clerestory windows, low flow water fixtures and a solar water heating system. See the completed project next month.

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