Most home renovations these days have three objectives: to make a space more open, to add more natural light and to update fixtures, finishes and equipment so that the space is efficient and looks good.

What better way to meet all three criteria than to incorporate a skylight into your home design? A skylight lets in natural light, which lessens your dependence on lights to illuminate a space. This abundance of natural light will ultimately make the space feel more open and airy, and eliminates the claustrophobic confines many spaces in Hawaii struggle with.



When it comes to choosing the right product, consider Ciralight, which is not your ordinary skylight. Its design and technology maximize the natural light intake and greatly deplete the need for normal overhead lighting. Ciralight uses a solar powered GPS system to track the sun throughout the entire day, adjusting its array of mirrors down a highly reflective lightwell and into the interior space via a prismatic diffusion lens, thus resulting in maximum light collection and effective distribution throughout the space.

Compared to normal skylights, Ciralight delivers more natural sunlight for more hours throughout the day. Ciralight can illuminate building interiors with up to 63,000 lumens of sunlight for up to 10 hours a day, or more. Ciralight immediately saves money through reductions in electric light usage during peak utility hours; cutbacks in air conditioning to counteract heat created by light fixtures; and decreased repairs to lighting fixtures, bulb replacements and maintenance labor hours.


Another benefit of Ciralight is that the light utilized is natural. Natural sunlight is better for human eyes, includes the full UV spectrum, prevents illness and disease associated with “Mal-Illumination” and is completely free. Compared to artificial lights, natural light increases sales and return visits in retail. It also improves learning rates and test scores in schools, promotes higher productivity and morale in the workplace and can speed up recovery in health care. Do you have a skylight already? No worries, Ciralight can easily replace your existing 4 foot by 4 foot or 4 foot by 8 foot skylights.


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