Akamai Pest Solutions provides a safe alternative to fumigation to treat homes and businesses for dry-wood termites. Here are the answers to a few basic questions customers have asked about XT-2000 Orange Oil treatment for drywood termites.

Q: What is XT-2000 Orange Oil?

A: After orange rinds are squeezed, the oil is extracted and distilled to make 95 percent pure oil.

Q: How long has the company used this process? A: Akamai Pest Solutions has done this treatments for more than eight years. It has been around for more than 20 years.

Q: How do I know if my home or business is a good candidate for an XT-2000 Orange Oil treatment? A: The company’s expert inspectors can do a thorough inspection of the structure. Rarely is a structure untreatable. In those rare cases, Akamai Pest Solutions will refer the customer to another company for fumigation or whatever process is needed to get rid of the termites.

Q: Is orange oil pricier than fumigation? A: Fumigation varies in price based on the company and the property’s location. Orange oil is expensive, since the process is more detailed and labor intensive. But after factoring in the cost of moving out, potential home damage, hiring a security guard, etc., Akamai Pest Solutions costs the same or even less.


Q: Do I have to move out during the treatment? A: Since the orange oil is injected directly into the wood and is totally organic, homeowners, children and pets can stay at home during treatment, which usually takes one day or less.

Q: Is there a warranty for orange oil treatments? A: Yes, in most cases the company can offer a full structure warranty for two years. It follows up with annual inspections for any new infestations, which are then treated free of charge.

Orange oil is not only for single-family homes. Akamai Pest Solutions has treated businesses, condo units and condo and townhouse complexes as well.

Akamai Pest Solutions services Maui and the Big Island, and has done a few homes on Kauai and Lanai. Since dry-wood termites and subterranean termites are both swarming now, turn on lights only as needed, and keep doors and windows from being directly open without screens on them.

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