The market is flooded with toilets claiming “high efficiency” and “water savings,” but to truly see dollar savings, the fixture must work effectively. If you have to flush a toilet twice to get it to work, then you will obviously not save money or water in the long run. TOTO is the pioneer for U.S. water conservation and knows these facts very well. TOTO’s rigorous flushing performance testing methods have proven to be more extensive than current industry standards, helping to ensure one-flush performance and true water savings.

The Grand Hyatt Atlanta found this out first-hand when it changed 460 toilets from its current 3.5 gpf (gallons per flush) models to the 1.28 gpf Eco Ultramax HET. This change alone resulted in a 3,253, 000 gallon per year savings.


In recent decades, the Islands have seen water shortage warnings all too often. The clean pockets of water stored in Hawaii are related to rainfall, and these pockets can run low or even dry. The cost of drilling new sites, cleaning and chlorinating the water from new reservoirs, and even desalination will all be costly issues that we have to deal with now and increasingly in the future.

The majority of condo owners believe that water usage is of little importance, but the fact is that they pay the water bill via their maintenance fee.

As potable water and sewer rates increase, our only defense is to reduce water consumption on an individual level. Toilets in an average home contribute to 33 percent of that home’s water usage with almost another 33 percent going to showers and baths. If changing from a 3 gpf or higher toilet, the water savings alone can actually pay for the cost of the toilet in less than two years whether to a homeowner or an association. This simple change can often take 8 to 12 percent off of the homeowner’s total water bill. Changing to low flow showerheads or faucets can reduce water consumption even more and put additional money back into the homeowner’s pocket.

A reduction in water usage can only happen with a higher quality, better performing fixture, and TOTO products definitely deliver on both. The Bathroom Store’s platinum showroom has the full line of TOTO toilets, high efficiency showers and faucets. Come by the store today and let the friendly staff help you stop flushing your money down the drain.

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