The years go by so quickly and as we get older, adjustments need to be made at home to enhance our well being. Frank Duarte, owner of D’s Plumbing, is very aware of this fact (he himself is a senior, age 75). In many cases, these adjustments might not be for you, but for loved ones.

Many elderly relatives use wheelchairs nowadays as a means to get around and attempt to live as comfortably as possible. There are so many wheelchair-friendly options such as wheelchair stairlifts, which offer aid for disabled people within their own home, but people are still finding it near impossible to navigate a wheelchair into different rooms, namely the bathroom of the house.

Customers will tell him, “Frank, it is difficult for my dad and mom to step over and into the bath tub.” And many old bathrooms are too small to accommodate a wheelchair. This is where D’s Plumbing can help you.

Peace of mind, decades of experience


With more than five decades in the plumbing business and 32 years as a plumbing and general contractor in Hawaii, D’s Plumbing has the experience to perform every phase of the project – from planning to execution of the work scope.

Frank works closely with homeowners to bring out the best in bath and kitchen renovations. The company relocates existing walls, enlarges them and replaces smaller bath doors with larger ones for wheelchair access.

Next, the company suggests replacing that old tub and converting it into a shower with a step over (not to exceed 6 inches). Conversions can have a ceramic tile, cultured marble, corian or granite finish.

The cheap way is not the best way

Although refinishing or cutting into your existing tub is cheaper than starting from scratch, it is not always the best thing to do. Remember the old slogan, “you get what you pay for.” This is true here. Frank understands that it costs more to re-do it completely, but after studying the whole situation, a “face lift” is only temporary.


The problem with leaving your old tub is that you never know the condition under it, the drain system and whether the walls and double walls have water damage, termite damage or dry rot. Surely you would want to replace your old tub/shower valve as well. D’s Plumbing is capable of handling any situation on hand.

See for yourself in these pictures the possible mishaps one could have by just assuming that everything behind your bath walls is fine. Although this might not be true for everyone, wouldn’t you have peace of mind knowing this is not happening to you?

Safety for seniors is also a priority. With this in mind, D’s Plumbing installs safety grab bars to suit your needs, personal hand held shower heads with adjustable slide bars or even custom built-in chairs, should you need one. Sliding glass enclosures or curvature curtain rods are other options.

Not your ordinary plumber

D’s Plumbing replaces and installs plumbing fixtures, replaces galvanized pipes with copper, completes kitchen and bath renovations, bedroom and patio additions, new carports and much more. Its standards and workmanship have proven to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction. Call to schedule an appointment.

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