Anyone who has seen, smelled or otherwise experienced a backed-up grease line realizes just how daunting — and expensive — the process of fixing the problem can be.

After delving into the industry more than 10 years ago with Environmental Biotech of Hawaii, Kim Billon branched out on her own in 2009 to start Pacific Environmental Solutions with the goal of helping customers avoid the aforementioned grease gaffes. The company’s primary focus is providing drain line treatments for the food industry, and the majority of Pacific Environmental Solutions’ clients are either hotels with large commercial kitchens or restaurants.


Pacific Environmental Solutions employs a safe, effective process when mitigating grease buildups, one that far surpasses the effectiveness of simply pumping out a backed up line or grease trap. Billon explained that the company uses GES Plus, a live, non-spore forming, vegetative bacteria devoid of any soaps, emulsifiers or chemicals to treat the drain lines for grease buildup, and that bacteria actually eats the grease resulting in a by-product of water and carbon dioxide.

“That technology has been around for well over 20 years,” said Billon, president of Pacific Environmental Solutions, when describing the environmentally friendly bacteria treatment. “We were green long before it was chic to be green.”

The program designed for commercial kitchens is a “proactive approach” to cleaning one’s system, Billon explained. Many times, the traditional approach involves calling a plumber after a line is already so full of solidified grease that a line is backed up and fails to function. The plumber then snakes or jets the line to clear the blockage. However, the problem recurs as more grease eventually enters the line and re-solidifies in the system.

Pacific Environmental Solutions treats the line by introducing the bacteria, which eats the grease and keeps the line clear before more buildup becomes an issue.


Billon explained that there are both tangible and intangible cost savings associated with taking such a proactive approach to keeping grease lines clear.

“Instead of being reactive by using a plumber after the fact, we’re being proactive to minimize any problems,” said Billon. “Not only are you saving on the cost of calling a plumber to come out and snake or clean out a line, but for a restaurant or hotel, by law you must shut down a kitchen and dispose of any food that has been exposed during a line backup. You end up having food-cost loss, loss of revenue and you can’t serve the public. An employee could slip on the grease, fall down and get hurt, and then you have a workman’s compensation issue.”

Homeowners may also employ a scaled-down application of the company’s bacteria treatment in their dwellings to keep lines clear and flowing properly.


Call Pacific Environmental Solutions to learn more about the innovative process. The friendly, knowledgeable staff can help to customize a treatment plan. Those who mention this article when selecting a GES Plus bacteria program will receive a free 4-ounce spray bottle of Urine Free, a bio-friendly cleaner designed to get rid of urine odors and stains.

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