As the summer blockbuster season heats up, American Carpet One is proud to reveal the new super hero of carpets to Hawaii.

American Carpet One is the first to introduce Stainmaster SolarMax premiere carpet with Ultra Life advantage. The new SolarMax carpet line is composed of solution-dyed nylon, which signifies that the carpet’s color is introduced to the fibers during the liquid stage, ensuring that the color runs evenly throughout. This process results in fully colored fibers that are likened to taking a cross-section view of a carrot: when one cuts the vegetable, the orange color runs throughout, while when doing the same with another vegetable like a radish, the red color can be seen initially, but eventually fades to white in the middle.

Customers benefit from SolarMax’s innovative processing via a 25-year warranty against fade resistance, along with the aforementioned Ultra Life advantage, which covers all other stains such as those left by pets, bleach, paint, nail polish, tar — you name it.


“We believe that this fiber is made for Hawaii,” said American Carpet One sales manager Aaron Okamoto of the SolarMax varieties that are in stock and currently available in multiple styles. “We’re introducing the latest and greatest, the newest fiber on the market that features the most benefits. This is a peace-of-mind carpet.”

Hawaii residents encounter two unique conditions that have ravaged carpets for years, and SolarMax was developed in part to overcome the afflictions. Okamoto explains that the sun’s ultraviolet rays tend to bleach a carpet over time, while Ozone pollution — a commonality in high-moisture, high-humidity areas like the Islands — will remove red pigment from carpet coloring, resulting in faded spots even in areas where the carpet faces no heavy traffic such as under a dresser or behind a door. SolarMax was designed to thwart both unsightly and costly problems, as the carpet’s nylon 6,6 fibers are designed to outperform polyester while also retaining texture.

A carpet’s texture can be compared to a flower and its stem. With traditional carpet, over time the fibers will become crushed and lose their body, much like the way a stem is snapped, causing the flower to bend and wilt. SolarMax, however, features reinforced fibers that hold their structure while also protecting against stains and fading.

Okamoto explained that Stainmaster SolarMax is designed for residential applications, and that all rooms and areas of a home are ideal for its installation due to the product’s extraordinary versatility. It is available in a wide array of colors and styles, from Berber to textured and patterned, and can be installed professionally by American Carpet One’s Certified Flooring Installers (CFI).

Much the same way a strong, sturdy foundation is needed to support a well-built home, Certified Flooring Installers (CFIs) at American Carpet One are poised to adequately handle every step of the job from prepping the sub-floor to installing the desired flooring option. With a host of CFIs standing by to assist customers with their flooring dreams and desires, American Carpet One offers customers a means of meeting the highest industry standards while providing the best installation quality and service available.


“Fortunately for us as a company being connected to CFI, we have the training and equipment to do the right tests and secure the right results to protect the consumer,” said Larry Marvel, installation manager at American Carpet One. “Being connected to CFI, we receive constant training updates and installation reviews on different flooring substrate problems and adhesive problems — it’s an ongoing process aided by a pool of resources at our fingertips.”

CFI is an international non-profit organization established in the early 1990s to train and certify installers with the end goal of assisting homeowners and other customers by ensuring that the installers working on their projects are indeed qualified. Marvel explained that installers working at the company need to pass both written and performance tests in order to gain CFI certification, and must display honesty and integrity. All journeymen carpet installers at American Carpet One are certified by CFI — a first for the industry in Hawaii.

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Photos courtesy of American Carpet One