Have you ever considered what clutter in our homes symbolizes? A closer look at our messiest spaces might unleash some surprising insight into our lives

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You often talk about clutter and how it symbolically means that we are energetically held back in some way. I was wondering if any symbolism is involved in where the clutter is. In other words, does the location of the clutter accumulation mean anything?


Yes it does! Looking at where your clutter is concentrated can give insight into what is going on subconsciously, revealing surprising things about you and your life. Below are some generalities about what clutter means in certain areas of your home. See if you can relate, or find a correlation in your life.

• Bedroom. Clutter in the bedroom can reflect on your relationship with your partner or even yourself. If you have a chaotic or disorderly bedroom, you may be trying to avoid intimacy or are gradually losing intimacy in the relationship. Creating a sense of order in this personal space can help to open up the communication with yourself or between you and your partner. If your nightstand is cluttered, you may have an overworked mind. Clear off your nightstand and allow for a more restful sleep.

• Bathroom. The bathroom, the most private space in the home, represents personal intimacy and transformation, a space of renewal, where we go to release the old or “transform” ourselves. If your bathroom is cluttered and messy, you may feel that things in your life are old or stagnant and in need of renewal.


• Kitchen. The kitchen represents the family unit, the place in the home where you nourish yourself and your loved ones. How you care for your kitchen is a clue about whether or not you are nourishing yourself in other ways. Are you nourishing yourself emotionally and spiritually? A cluttered or chaotic kitchen may be a sign that you have unstable family connections or feel disconnected, fatigued or stressed, not getting what you need on other levels. Clear your kitchen to get the energetic support you need and to strengthen family ties.

• Living Room. The living room represents fun and leisure activity. Concentrated clutter here may signify that you are taking no time or not enough time to relax and engage in social activities either alone or with family and friends. Decluttering the living room will free up the space to entertain while helping the energy flow.

• Basement. A basement represents what’s happening in the foundation of your home life. Chaos or clutter in the basement (or foundation) energetically reflects a vague insecurity, a lack of confidence, not being as supported in life as you could be. Getting your basement in order is a great energetic support when you are going through transitions in life.

• Attic. Attics are just the opposite. Being overhead, they are a symbol for the mind. A cluttered attic energetically creates a feeling of being under pressure and symbolizes thwarted optimism, or a lot of stuff “hanging overhead.” If you are feeling a sense of heaviness in your life, clear out the attic.

• Garage. Garages, representing the “space” in your life, are not only where you park your car, but also where you store things or have a workspace to build and repair items. If your garage is cluttered, you may feel constricted in some areas of your life.

• Hallways. Just as arterial roads connect main thoroughfares to smaller thoroughfares, hallways are the arterial highways of your home, connecting the main area to the different rooms. Clutter in the hallway has the same effect as a traffic jam, making you feel disconnected.

• Closets. Many of us throw our clutter into the closet rather than clear it up, especially when company comes to visit. Symbolically, closets represent that which is hidden, unknown or suppressed in our lives. When we fill our closets with clutter, we energetically stifle our intuition and likely live some part of our lives inauthentically. Clearing out the closet can be freeing and help us see answers to challenging problems in our lives.

New thoughts on “Clutter Clearing”

Many people groan when I talk about clutter clearing, because it is an unsettling task, one most of us would rather avoid. Instead of thinking of clutter clearing as a burdensome “must do” chore, see it as one of the most effective, feel good, self-help tactics available to you. The best part is that you have full control of this project! Every book or item of clothing you donate and every knick-knack that you release to a new owner creates space in your life to experience more energy and move forward in an empowering way!

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC, a company committed to assisting people in living empowered lives. Alice shares her wisdom as a professional speaker and personal consultant. Visit www.aliceinspired.com for more information.