Pacific Islands Construction desires to provide a comprehensive approach to the solar industry. It is a solar company that is also a general and roofing contractor, which makes it better able to install and maintain your solar system. The company also provides both purchasing and leasing options as well as power purchase agreements.

Keep in mind the following facts regarding solar:

Fact No. 1


Solar modules are installed on your roof, and as a result, they need to be flashed properly so your roof does not leak. The system also needs to be installed so that the modules withstand high wind speeds and will not blow off your roof. Pacific Islands Solar — a division of Pacific Islands Construction — only uses roofing industry standard details to flash the roof penetrations, and only uses racking systems that have been tested by third-party testing agencies. Many systems are being installed below the standard in order for the contractor to be more profitable, not to make your project better.

Fact No. 2

The consolidation of the PV module manufacturing industry continues with many companies either going bankrupt or closing their factories. Pacific Islands Solar’s philosophy is to only use products from manufacturers that are solvent and in a good financial position to stay in business. The company believes that the Japanese manufacturer Kyocera, which has been manufacturing solar modules for more than 37 years, is the best choice in solar manufacturers.

Kyocera modules are made to very exacting standards that other manufacturers ignore, inclusive of heavy reinforcement of the module frames and a potted junction box to protect the electrical connections. No other company in the industry can match Kyocera’s performance, and new testing standards confirm that its quality exceeds more stringent testing that others are failing in. Kyocera is not only profitable, but it is also one of the few manufacturers that can say it has been making solar modules longer than the current warranties — and it has a track record to prove it.


Fact No. 3


Solar systems need to be maintained, and Pacific Islands Solar provides five years of free cleaning and maintenance inspection with your purchase or lease. The service will make your system work more efficiently, which allows more power to be produced, and it will catch any problems early on.

Fact No. 4

Oftentimes consumers figure that the lowest price is the best system to purchase. Not all solar modules are made equal despite the warranty claims that are filled with exclusions and legal language to eliminate liability. Contractors who buy the cheapest components and install with a minimal attachment system prey on the consumer’s lack of knowledge. In the end, the consumer pays for this down the road with equipment that fails, roofs that leak and lower energy production as the equipment gets older.

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