In a sea of solar companies, Bonterra Solar stands head and shoulders above the competition. But what is it that makes Bonterra so unique? How have they become Hawaii’s most trusted solar installer? For starters, the company is composed of people who are truly passionate about solar power and renewable energy. Whether it’s securing Hawaii’s clean energy future or helping people just like you save money on your electric bill, the Bonterra team arrives to work every day with a smile on their face because they know that they’re making a difference.

Take, for example, Bonterra’s Kohl Christensen. In addition to being a world-famous big-wave surfer, Kohl is also one of Bonterra’s highly trained installation experts. When he’s not chasing mammoth swells across the planet in exotic places like Fiji and Tahiti, Kohl can be found surveying and installing solar panels on rooftops across the state.


With a deep-seeded passion for the environment,gravitating towards twin careers in surfing and solar have left Kohl with an eternal grin spread across his tanned face. “I’m definitely doing something I love. I feel so lucky to be able to travel the world surfing and helping people transition to solar power right here in Hawaii,”said Kohl.”Bonterra’s a great company and we’re doing great things. From our financing options to the American-made panels we use, I really believe in this company and what we’re doing. In Hawaii, we grow up spending so much of our time outside in nature, it only makes sense that you would want to preserve that. I have to travel a lot as a professional surfer, so to be able to offset some of the traveling by installing solar feels really good.”


True to his words, Kohl currently lives in an off-the-grid farm on Oahu and derives much of the energy needed to power his home through the sun.When it comes to installing solar PV panels on other people’s homes, Kohl has surrounded himself with a trained team of like-minded and passionate individuals. When Kohl and his crew show up on a job site, they’re the most knowledgeable, professional and sincere lot of solar craftsmen in the state.

When asked what his favorite part about working for Bonterra was, Kohl didn’t cite the ever popular no-money-down leasing option or even the generous 65 percent tax credit discount available for qualified homeowners. For Kohl, it was being able to see a satisfied customer’s face light up when they’re able to watch their electric meter roll back.


“One of my favorite things about installing solar is being able actually show the homeowner their meter rolling back,” said Kohl with a smile. “It’s so great to see their reaction and watch their face light up. I can’t help but smile when I see them so happy.”

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