It’s summertime and the living is easy. However, the summer heat may encourage some people to look for ways to cool off their home without cranking up the air conditioning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs, homeowners can reduce energy costs related to cooling by as much as 15 percent by using cool roof solutions.

Using U.S. Mainland examples, a roof can be up to 100 degrees hotter than outside temperatures, and in turn, heat up the inside of the house.

Don’t worry, Murakami’s Roofing has solar reflective solutions that will solve the “cool off more without costing a lot more” quandary.


Owner Clinton Murakami is a second-generation roofer who has seen a lot of roofs damaged by Hawaii’s intense sun. He highly recommends including solar cooling solutions in your re-roofing plan.

Murakami recommends cooling roof materials such as solar reflective shingles or roof coatings that absorb up to 50 percent of the sun’s heat so your roof and home stays cooler. Coatings also reduce UV and chemical damage and offer protection from water damage, extending the roof ‘s life.

Also consider solar tubes and skylights: two natural lighting options that increase lighting while saving on electric bills. Kitchens and hallways are good candidates for a solar tube or skylight, and either will instantly provide light where it is installed.


Call Murakami’s Roofing at 348-8270 for a free roof inspection by an experienced roofing professional who will help you plan your solar cooling solution. They will provide a written estimate and answer all of your questions. Why? Because that’s part of the Murakami Promise to:


• Be fair and honest, because it is the only way to do business. Hidden costs and surprises are not the way to do business.

• Provide the best product for your budget and an accurate presentation of the risks and rewards of not repairing, re-roofing or patching

• Commit to completing a job to the customer’s satisfaction

• Be enthusiastic. The crew enjoys working with people.


Because after all, the roof protects your family, you and all that you have worked for in life. That’s important to you, and it’s important to the company. As the slogan says, “Murakami’s Roofing, Building Confidence Into Every Roof.”

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