Not only do heavy rains often result in flooding, but they can cause other serious, long-term problems as well. Inadequate drainage can allow water to sit on the ground for days, which can create sanitation and health hazards, while water flowing too rapidly can cause a loss of ground cover and deep erosion. Many people in Hawaii have houses on slopes, and if water flowing downward through your yard isn’t properly routed, it can wash right under your beautiful home, eventually weakening its foundation.

The key to a good drainage system is to have it move water quickly. Especially during heavy rains, you will want to move the water away from your home, whether you are on a slope or on flat ground. At LanaiScapes, experts are up to the task of installing drainage systems. They determine the best method for properly draining your property. This is important to help relieve the pressure from either heavy downpours or rain that continues for days, which can have the same effect as a single deluge if the ground can’t absorb or drain it fast enough.


LanaiScapes uses a LEED drain system, which is considered the most environmentally friendly and sustainable of all drainage systems. It consists of a light PVC pipe — approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter — that runs through a trench that is 12 to 18 inches deep. Having the ditch properly located is an important consideration to assure that water will flow into it.


After the ditch has been dug, the professionals lay in a filter fabric. A gravel base of about 3/4 inches is put on the filter, then the pipe. Gravel is put over the pipe, then another filter fabric. The trench is covered with dirt that contains organic matter. Since most soils in Hawaii have a clay base and are very heavy, the company puts a swell on top of the dirt and plants grass on top of the swell.

The drain will catch a lot of the water from a rainstorm and the additional gravel will provide extra drainage. This will help alleviate the pressure of a heavy flow of water on your yard, whether it’s directly from a heavy downpour or water flowing downhill onto your yard. The drain has a port system, which serves to pull water into it when it is functioning properly and releases water out at the bottom end through a special pop-up system.


LanaiScapes prides itself on being knowledgeable about the different environments in Hawaii and can custom design any system, whether it is for drainage, landscaping or any other aspect of outdoor living. The company can help you make the best decisions by showing you the practicality as well as the cost of each of the options. Its goal is to create an outdoor space that will not only work best for your particular environment, but will bring you the most personal satisfaction. The team of dedicated professionals is committed to excellent customer service and looks forward to serving you.

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