When a Hawaii homeowner chooses RevoluSun to design and install a solar system, they are choosing more than a local company that provides the very best in service, technology and installation. They are choosing a company committed to Hawaii.

RevoluSun’s vision is to bring clean, renewable energy to Hawaii, educate the community about solar and create green jobs. Empowering homeowners with solar energy becomes not just about saving money, but about connecting to a community that shares similar hopes, values and aspirations.

Solar power for all people

RevoluSun’s highly efficient purchasing and financing process makes solar power more accessible to Hawaii’s people. With a solar lease homeowners can go solar and see immediate savings with as little as $0 down. Or they can purchase a system, which typically pays for itself in three to five years. “While it is an investment, the returns — both current and in the future — are well worth it,” said Saxon and Linda Nishioka. “The environment we protect is for our grandchildren and beyond.”

Caring for community


Part of being eco-friendly is friendliness, which has led RevoluSun team members into the community to initiate statewide awareness about renewable energy at special events, educational presentations at schools and provide support to local non-profits. Over the past four years, RevoluSun has donated more than $100,000 to various Hawaii non-profits, including an annual Sandy Beach clean up with Surfrider Foundation, as well as Bishop Museum, Kokua Foundation and many others. RevoluSun’s vision for a greener future also means more green jobs for Hawaii. With more than 3,000 residential systems installed to date, RevoluSun is an integral part of green homes and green jobs on the rise.


Superior technology

By offering the highest quality products on the market — including the most powerful solar panels in the world — RevoluSun has become the most trusted solar installer in Hawaii with the highest-value products and service.

As Puna Apio saw many of his neighbors getting solar power, and with an electric bill of $170-$180 per month, he decided it was time to invest in a quality system that would serve his family well. “We chose RevoluSun, because of the quality of the panels and the quality of the installation,” Apio recalled. “We knew we were getting the best of the best, and that’s what we wanted here on our house.” Apio now enjoys electric bills of only $8-$15 a month.

Do you want to join the RevoluSun? Call the company at 783-8888 to schedule your free home energy analysis and learn more about what makes RevoluSun Hawaii’s leading solar company.

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