From a handful of solar companies in 2009 educating Hawaii’s homeowners about the benefits of solar electricity to upwards of 200 companies currently trying to “cash in” on the solar boom, the question for many is not should we go solar, but who should we go solar with? Hawaii’s first choice for solar energy encourages people not to just go solar, but to join the RevoluSun.

Let’s take a step back to learn about the beginnings of RevoluSun, which is what sets it apart from competitors. In 2009, four solar and construction experts founded RevoluSun. They had worked in various roles in the industry and realized that there were two main problems: a lack of experienced workforce to perform solar PV installations and absence of top-notch customer service. They decided to form a partnership with a kamaaina electrical and construction company to perform the installation of their systems.


“It was a first of its kind for the residential PV market— it’s not a contractor sub-contractor relationship — we both have skin in the game,” said RevoluSun principal Eric Carlson. “Partnering with an established local company to do our installations is not a luxury, but a necessity. Our reputation is on the line and we insist on doing things right to maintain our position as the best solar company in Hawaii.” This relationship has proven to be a huge success, as word of mouth spread about RevoluSun’s attention to detail, excellent customer service, industry-leading installations and world-class equipment.

As the only solar company in Hawaii that offers a workmanship warranty up to 15 years, expert installation teams include members with NABCEP certification, licensed electricians and specialized project developers who are trained beyond industry standards. RevoluSun’s unique racking methods result in up to 50 percent less holes in the roof, which means less risk for leaks, mold and roof degradation. By offering and investing in the most cutting edge solar panel technology, RevoluSunizing a roof results in more energy generated and system longevity.

“Competition likes to play the ‘in-house’ vs. ‘subcontractor’ story, which is not what we offer,” Carlson added, “but if their in-house crews are performing subpar installations and using inadequate materials, how does that help the homeowner?” While RevoluSun has set the quality bar high, its focus on clientele and community is what makes them stand out.

This year RevoluSun has rolled out a new “Customer Love” program. Similar to a Customer Rewards program (but with no additional purchases needed outside of the PV system), the program includes “RevoluSun Only” special events, discounts from local businesses and family events.


“We provide real value long after the installation of your solar system is over,” said Gregg Murphy, director of sales. “The offerings a client will receive with this program are worth tens of thousands and can truly RevoluSunize their future.”

RevoluSunizing Community

Project Empower, RevoluSun’s outreach arm that provides resources, support and education to non-profit and community groups, has two upcoming community events: RevoluSun will participate in the Kailua Independence Day Parade on July 4 and the annual Surfrider Beach Cleanup at Sandy Beach on July 13.

Project Empower participates in community events, especially environmental and educational movements. Since its inception, RevoluSun has donated more than $100,000 to various non-profits, including annual participation in the Sandy Beach clean up with Surfrider Foundation. Throughout 2012 and 2013, RevoluSun has provided renewable energy education to many local schools and groups and participated in Bishop Museum’s “Science Sunday.”


RevoluSun’s free school presentation and solar curriculum can be customized to any grade level and teaches students about the sun, where electricity comes from, renewable and non-renewable forms of energy and how much energy one solar panel can produce. Students can design their own solar system for their home and enjoy outdoor projects that involve light sensitive paper creations and solar grasshoppers in a baking tin. To request a school presentation, donation of time or money or sponsorship, email

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Photos courtesy of RevoluSun