Sprucing up your property’s curb appeal brings new energy and life, not only to your property, but also to the entire neighborhood. It creates a welcoming and appealing environment, while also making it a better candidate for resale.


Here are two curb appeal projects you can take on this summer to highlight the wonderful qualities of your home:

Green and growing beauty. By incorporating beautiful flowerbeds in strategic areas — like around the mailbox, next to the driveway, along the sidewalk to the front door and around the front of the home — you have a great way to add beautiful curb appeal. Continue to rotate new flowers into the flowerbeds as the seasons change, allowing you to vary the accent colors in your yard frequently.

• A fresh new color. Everyone loves the look of a new coat of paint and whether used on your front door, shutters, trim or siding, it can really impact the look and feel of your home’s exterior. The Home Depot carries 64 unique new Behr colors that can be tinted to any color in Behr’s existing palette of 2,000 hues or custom color-matched.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.