The next generation of award-winning Bosch dishwashers are heading to Hawaii. As great as past designs have been, the new models are truly revolutionary. The most important thing to remember about the new models is the number three. The new Bosch dishwasher line is 3 dB quieter, 3 inches deeper and many models have three racks. Let’s take a closer look at the “power of three.”

The 2013 Bosch dishwasher line will be on average 3 dB quieter than the previous line. Bosch remains the quietest of the major brands across the line and boasts the quietest dishwasher sold in North America at 38 dB. Unlike some competitors, all Bosch quiet levels are tested and certified by an independent lab. From special sound-deadening materials and a solid molded base to new EcoSilence brushless motors, Bosch designs quiet performance into each dishwasher, using 18 separate sound-reducing elements. In fact, Bosch dishwashers are so quiet that many models have an LED light shine on the floor while the unit is running so you know when it is on.


Bosch engineers really outdid themselves when they designed the new dishwasher lineup. Somehow they found a way to add 3 inches of depth to the upper rack while keeping the dishwasher flush with the surrounding cabinetry. Now your new Bosch dishwasher will hold those last few items but will still look great in your kitchen. And speaking of looking great, Bosch engineers developed two new appearances — a recessed handle and a flush handle to give you a total of four designs in black, white, stainless steel and custom panel finishes.

The Bosch design team also excelled in designing the new dishwashers by adding a third rack to much of the new line. Once reserved for just the top-of-the-line models, the new Bosch dishwasher family offers three racks in nearly 70 percent of the main lineup. The third rack is perfect for small items — silverware, utensils, espresso cups, etc., and can accommodate up to 16 complete place settings.

The new models will arrive later in June and will soon be on display at Bosch dealers across Hawaii. To make a great deal even better, every dishwasher that features a third rack will include a free, 100 day supply of Finish Quantum — the recommended detergent for all Bosch dishwashers.

To top this amazing launch off, main line Bosch dishwashers purchased between June 15 and July 15 from participating dealers will qualify for a $50-$200 mail-in rebate. Check with your dealer to see which dishwashers qualify, or contact the Servco Home & Appliance showroom for the name of the dealer nearest you.


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