Is it often hotter in your home than on the lanai? Besides running the A/C, do you wish there was a more energy-efficient way to cool down? If so, the Whole House Fan might be just the solution to your home cooling problems. Designed to cool your home by drawing the hot air out of the living space and venting trapped attic heat without putting a hole in your roof, Whole House Fans have been quietly gaining popularity as an alternative that’s more in keeping with Hawaii’s climate.

“I run my Whole House Fan instead of my A/C and save an average of $100 per month,” said Kumu Vasconcellos of Hawaii Kai. “It’s a great way to cool my town home!”


Whole House Fans and their more common cousin, the Attic Fan, both ventilate trapped attic heat, but the Whole House Fan takes it a step further by drawing fresh air in and moving heat out. A small air intake and a timer is all the homeowner sees in their home. “I call it my stealth Air Conditioner,” said Cliff Baptista of Kapolei, “It draws cool air into my house in the evening and sucks out all the hot air.”


The typical homeowner will run their fan in the morning and evening hours when the air outside is cooler than inside. However, with Hawaii’s temperate climate homeowners report using their fans year-round.

“We have a large family and like to get together for dinners, birthdays and other holidays at our home. With all of our family, friends and especially cooking, it can get quite stuffy and hot even with the trade winds. However, since we got our Whole House Fans we are able to quickly and efficiently cool the whole house down. Now our gatherings are much more comfortable,” said Amber Adams of Kaneohe. “Our best family investment for 2013.”


Island Cooling has Hawaii’s largest selection of Whole House Fans. In addition to larger units for homes, the company also has smaller bedroom-sized units for home offices and bedrooms.

“The Whole House Fan is designed to provide on-demand cooling,” said Ivan Whitworth, a Certified Green Professional with Island Cooling. “You can use it just as you would a ceiling fan, but since it’s taking the heat out of a home, it’s a lot more effective.”

Stop suffering through the heat and high home energy bills by taking advantage of a Whole House Fan for your home. For a free consultation call 672-2300 or visit www.island for more information.

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