References are important when selecting a contractor for your home building project. During the process of choosing your contractor, meeting and talking to families that have been through the process of building will give you a good indication of what to expect for your own home project. It is ideal to have a non-biased report from someone whose shoes you will be wearing soon.

There are a few different ways to receive this information. A majority of companies follow the traditional way of making it available to you. Atlas Construction has found unique ways to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision.


There are different ways to get a reference for a potential contractor. The most common one would be a letter that a person composes at the end of a project, giving you a general idea of how the contractor performed. Oftentimes these letters tend to be very general, with no details. The progress of Internet websites and streaming video capabilities allows Atlas Construction to have video testimonies on its website, which you may view to hear first-hand accounts from families whom the company has done work for.


Another less-common way of receiving a reference is by actually speaking with a previous client. Usually this is done over the phone, which gives you the opportunity to ask specific questions that you have about the contractor and its work. Atlas Construction gives you this opportunity by allowing you to select from a complete list of past clients whom the contractor has done work for — with more than 100 families to choose from. Still, another unique way Atlas Construction helps you learn about contractors is by introducing you to families who have gone through the building process.

Atlas Construction offers you a way to meet families and individuals, and speak with them directly. Each month at a contractor’s open house, the families are available to greet you at their newly built homes and share their experiences with you. This allows you to hear firsthand what happens during a construction project and what you may expect on your own home project. This unique way of allowing potential families to access reference information on the company becomes a useful tool in choosing a contractor.


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