We’ve all heard the saying, “You’re just pouring money down the drain.” Have you ever thought about its meaning? It means to waste money.

None of us want to throw money away; but that’s exactly what you are doing if you have to let the water in your bathrooms and kitchen run and run to get hot water. You’re also losing money if just a trickle of water is coming out of the faucet, your water-using appliances seem to be wearing out faster than they should or you keep buying products to get the white spots off shower doors (and they don’t work).


Additionally, water is our most precious resource, second only to the air we breathe, so wasting water is a big no-no.

Harald von Sydow, director of Nano Tek-On, said that everyone in Hawaii has water that leaves calcium deposits and builds up limescale in their plumbing. Some areas are worse than others, and these deposits build up until the flow of water is impeded. Limescale and calcium deposits clog plumbing and the workings in your dishwasher, hot-water heaters and other water-using appliances — even your coffeemaker. This contributes to ultimately pouring hundreds of your hard-earned dollars down the drain every day, week, month and year.

According to Harold, “I used to experience these situations, and in looking for the solution, I learned about how the science of nanotechnology has made it possible to break up the calcium and lime-scale buildup inside the plumbing. We use a unit called HydroFlow. Our team of nanotechnology experts can install HydroFlow on the plumbing in your home, and you will get the same result as I first experienced — and still do.

“The calcium and limescale buildup inside the plumbing will start to break up. Soon, spotting will reduce and be easy to wipe off. And the water won’t be trickling out of your shower heads and faucets. Instead, it will be flowing freely. You will no longer have to wait for hot water because your hot-water heater will be working more efficiently.”


Nano Tek-On attaches the little HydroFlow unit to the outside of your plumbing with no cutting of pipes. Installation only takes a few minutes and then it goes to work to rid the pipes of corrosion and limescale. HydroFlow is silent, doesn’t change the taste of your water, is environmentally safe and safe for you as well.

How does HydroFlow work? It generates a radio frequency that causes mineral ions in the water to naturally clump together and wash away — right down the drain. All the minerals in your home’s plumbing system are affected and as the “clumps” travel through the water, they attract ions from existing deposits and eventually break away from the sides of the pipes.

The HydroFlow unit breaks down limescale from the inside of your plumbing so that it washes away down the drain, instead of your money washing away. The resulting benefits are that your water-using appliances will last longer without the corrosion caused by limescale and calcium deposits and you will save money on your water and electric bills. On average, the unit will lower your electric bill by 30 percent.


To learn more about how you can pour limescale down the drain, call 395-2996 or visit nanotekhi.com. Nano Tek-On also specializes in environmentally friendly surface treatments including sealants for glass and natural stone, antimicrobial coatings and self-cleaning surfaces. Nano Tek-On is the exclusive home of HydroFlow in Hawaii.

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Photos courtesy of Nano Tek-On LLC