Like many couples who share a bathroom, one Arizona couple was frustrated by the space that was compromised by a swinging bathroom door. The open door swung into the bathroom vanity and took up too much space in a very traditional bathroom.

The couple turned to Board by Board, a kitchen and bath design company, to give their bathroom more space and an updated, clean design. Board by Board created a design that would incorporate a sleek, contemporary double mirrored sliding door with Wall Mount Hardware.


“The interior wall next to the swinging door had a built-in vacuum system that prevented us from using a traditional pocket door,” said Christie Board, kitchen and bath designer. “I had seen wall-mounted doors in magazines and have always loved the idea of incorporating this design into a remodel project.”

One of the challenges of using wall mounted doors was finding the “right” door. Since this was a master bathroom, the door needed to fit the clean decor of the bathroom and the master bedroom.

After much searching, Board found a one panel door and took the door to a glass company to have the door fitted with double-sided, full-length mirrors.


Finding the right door was like a puzzle and putting the right pieces together, noted Board. And the result was a design solution that looked ideal in both the bathroom and bedroom.

Board chose to use a valance for the door tracks on the wall mount hardware because she believed that the cleaner look would fit nicely with the master bedroom.

To handle the double sided mirrored sliding door, Board used 2610F series Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. The mirrored door brings a “cool” looking design element to each room. The couple is thrilled that the bathroom door conflict is solved with such a beautiful design.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.