Originating in 15th century France, a bidet is a plumbing fixture for personal cleansing that uses a stream of water to clean the body rather than toilet paper. The bidet’s popularity grew during the 1700s and it’s considered a must for most homes across Asia and Europe today. In Japan, it is estimated that even more than 80 percent of Japanese households have a bidet toilet installed. These bidets are commonly called Washlets — a brand name of TOTO Ltd. — and include many advanced features rarely seen outside of Asia.

Most Americans have never seen a bidet. Those who have seen or experienced one generally have done so in an upscale hotel. The majority of Americans have never thought to install one in their own home, either — until recently.

TOTO, the world’s largest bidet seat manufacturer, introduced the Washlet to the U.S. market in 1989. The modern bidet seat (Washlet) is an electronic seat that sits on a standard toilet and converts it into a complete sanitation system, often with more features than a free-standing bidet. The Washlet itself was invented by an American who saw that the U.S. needed a more hygienic way of cleaning up after one’s daily business on the throne.


The Washlet’s design allows for a quick and compact conversion of one’s existing toilet that can be done in about 15 minutes without changing the existing plumbing. As Washlets grow in popularity throughout the world, the U.S. is finally starting to take notice of the usefulness and ease of cleaning with a Washlet.

If you’re tired of plunging the toilet because someone in the family is flushing too much toilet paper, use a Washlet.

For those who live with extended family and need a way to keep their older family members independent in the one room we all wish to remain independent in, a Washlet is a godsend. The Washlet’s ability to gently cleanse without abrasion makes it beneficial to all walks of life. From those suffering from hemorrhoids to women who have recently given birth, as well as those who simply want a cleaner sanitary approach, the Washlet will surely keep its owners clean and happy.

This product is also great for those looking to conserve. The average Washlet’s energy consumption is less than that of a 40w light bulb, and will most likely save its energy cost in toilet paper alone. TOTO has been manufacturing high-tech Washlets for almost 35 years and for this reason it’s known as the premier Washlet manufacturer for the United States.

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